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yummy mummy Renee

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to share our excitement of another fabulous interview on {My little jedi} blog.

Inspired, stylish and unique...Does it ring a bell?? Of course, I am talking about the fabulous Renee from {The Inspired Occasion}. Renee gives an insight into her life and all the things that she loves about event planning and she shares few of her gorgeously styled parties. {images below} .

The inspired occasion are lovers for all things chic and stylish and they would like to help you celebrate the special moments in your life with friends and family in your own unique way. I would like to thank Renee for being a part of our 'yummy mummy' segment this week. xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind “The Inspired Occasion?
I am a married, working, mum to a beautiful 5-year-old daughter. I am bossy, a writer, loud, fun, creative and a sav blanc drinker. I love a good laugh and spending time with my family.
I have a ‘real’ job, 3 days a week, as a communications and event manager for one of the Big 4 banks, which I do really enjoy, but I love the creative and fun things I get to do with my ‘Inspired’ hat on. And as a bonus, I get to work with my best friend – Alex. We actually compliment each other quite well; I am the comms chick, the crafty one, the design girl, while she has an amazing talent with food, gorgeous style and is a born organiser.

When did you launch your business/website/blog?
We launched The Inspired Occasion in June 2010. We have worked in corporate event management for many years and are both parents to young children, so bought a lot of those skills with us.

If you could describe your style in 3 words what would that be?
Inspired, stylish and unique

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
As working mums, we knew how hard it was to put together a party for our kids without having to resort to a play centre or themes revolving around plastic licensed ‘stuff’. We felt that we could help families to put together something more personalised and unique. With my daughter starting school, the timing seemed right. I am inspired by so many things… all the fantastic talent out there in blog land, my brilliant friend and business partner Alex, my family, our suppliers – and of course my daughter. She will always give me the most honest feedback!

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
Seeing parents happy and relaxed at their own kid’s parties! It’s too often that they are busy, stressed and running around on the day; when we are there, they actually have time to chat with their family and friends and even be IN the photos!

What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
We have recently been asked to provide event management of The Big Give for 2010. This event has been running for 7 years now and provides lunch for 300 homeless and disadvantaged people on Christmas Day. This community event is really special to us and we are so excited to be part of such a great cause. You will certainly be hearing more about it over the coming weeks as we look for party people to help us out! {wow this is so lovely}

What are your long term goals for your business?
We would love to be in a position where we could give up our corporate jobs and work full time on The Inspired Occasion. One day! In the meantime, we are really grateful to be able to balance these two worlds with our families.

Name three brands you couldn’t live without? and why?
Mac – I have an iphone, ipad, ipod, macbook…. A bit sad perhaps… but they integrate so nicely into my life!

Country Road – I just love their ballet flats, most comfortable shoes ever.
Is Google Reader a brand…? If so, please add that! I spend far too much time scanning the blogs – so many wonderful blogs, so little time!

Whats your day to day like?
Busy! I do the school drop off each day for my daughter and then depending on whether it’s a ‘work’ day or an ‘Inspired’ day, I will either head into the city to the office, or off to work on events for our clients. Once school finishes, I am on mummy duty for a few hours until bedtime, and then am usually up late, online or crafting away in preparation for upcoming events. Some days, I am able to sit in the sunshine, with my laptop, my little dog at my feet and my daughter running around the backyard, even just for an hour. This is my bliss and it makes all the late nights and juggling schedules worthwhile!

Tell us your 3 favourite party themes and why?
1. Ballerina – I am preparing this for my daughters 6th birthday and we are so excited!!
2. I am dying to do a Vintage Barbie party…
3. I love the grey colour schemes coming through in parties at the moment… yellow and grey, pink and grey, light blue and grey… all so nice!

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere I can sit on the beach with a good book… we have been to Fiji a couple of times and had a ball, but the beach house that we regularly hire at Rye (on the Mornington Peninsula) is just as relaxing. Just to stop. Perfect.

If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be?
She is not entirely a super hero or cartoon character, but I think I would have to be Nanny McPhee (at the end of the movie of course, when Emma Thompson looks gorgeous!)… With a ‘full on’ five year old in the house, an on call Nanny McPhee would be very much appreciated!




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