Saturday, 27 November 2010

{divine handmade advent calendars}

I have been thinking a lot about {advent calendars} and Christmas traditions as December is quickly approaching. Advent calendars are a fantastic way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas with a daily indulgence.

Invite little ones to count down to Christmas with this charming treat-a-day calendar. Wonderful things come in small packages. These hanging advent calendar assembled are full of great things, and it's the perfect way to mark the season for a baby or an older child. Stuff each mini stocking with an age-appropriate toy or candy. Then, starting on December 1, take down one sock a day, and
let your child pull out the surprise inside. The 24 days before Christmas are sure to sail by.

This project is an easy way to add a little festive flair to a child’s room. I have handpicked few of my favourite advent calendars and would love to share them with all of you. I hope this post will inspire you to create your own unique advent calendar this Christmas. xx

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Friday, 26 November 2010

{Fabulous Christmas Guide by Little Paper Lane}

Make this Christmas the best ever by giving your celebration a personal touch. Today's {Christmas Guide} from Little Paper Lane is full of fabulous gorgeousness to help you celebrate Christmas by choosing the perfect gift for your love ones. You will find {Little Paper Lane} shop at {Shop 5, 1751 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale}. Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute and visit Little Paper Lane this weekend. xx

Blueberry Paper card {packs of 10}
Ruby Victoria letterpress Xmas {pack of 5}
TMOD BonBon scratchies {pack of 12}
Mecollie charity heartkids Xmas tags {pack of 20}

Fiona Kate Santa sack
Peace love and letterpress xmas tag set
Little Jane St ceramic magnets {pack of 3}
Mecollie charity heartkids Xmas tags {pack of 20}

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

delightfully dreamy tea party...

My heart and soul must have been born in an era of the past, for this, I am certain. In case you fancy a little bit of whimsical & vintage romance today as I have the most perfect bit of lovely eye-candy inspiration for you. Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion never seems to disappoint with her deliverance of the most adorable posts, filled to the brim with the most delightful and exquisite bits of sweet inspiration.

And i happen to adore this amazing lady-like romance, featuring the most fantastic vintage tea party shoot. Today's vintage tea party has captured my heart and I am so excited to share the beauty of it's tailored simplicity with you all. Brace yourselves ladies, this delightful feature is vintage perfection at its finest. Enjoy xx

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yummy mummy Bec from Ruby Ruby Designs

Today we have a special guest on our blog, not only she is a super talented graphic designer but she is also a very dear friend of mine as we use to work together. Let me introduce the lovely Bec from Ruby Ruby Designs. Bec has 2 gorgeous children, 2 year old super cute Ruby and 1 month old sweet little Aniken {love the name ;)}.

Bec loves her job and she is extremely passionate about her business. This passion flows into her designs as she find it immensely rewarding to work with so many lovely clients! Having stepped aside from the corporate world into that of a work-at-home mum, Bec has never really stopped designing and being creative and can make any business look absolutely gorgeous. I am so delighted to have Bec as our guest today and would like to thank her for taking the time in answering all the questions. Enjoy Bec's interview. xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind Ruby Ruby Designs?
I'm a Mum to probably the 2 cutest little kids in the world: Ruby (22 months) and Aniken (1 month). {love both names} :) Everyday they amaze me with what they come up with and do. You really don't know love till you have a baby. My partner Danny is wonderful and I couldn't survive a day without him. Design is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, and feel blessed that I get to do something I love. I have been a Designer for a decade with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. I've worked for huge companies including one of the Big 4 Banks and Australia's most loved fashion label.

Since having Ruby, I have been the Graphic Designer for Australia's #1 Sales Alert Newsletter for Mums. Aside from that I have always done freelance work and have decided to really focus on that in recent months. On a personal note, I'm super organised (some may call it OCD), have 2 teeny tiny fluffy dogs, could spend all day trawling through blogs, indulge myself with yummy foods, love beautiful things and want to be a gaz-illionaire so I can shop shop shop!

When did you launch your business/website?
I started Ruby Ruby Designs in May this year on Facebook. I've had a steady stream of clients since then just from Facebook and word of mouth. Needless to say my own business has been a bit neglected and I'm yet to finalise my website, hopefully I'll have launched it early in the New Year.

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
I always intended on doing Freelance Design once I started a family, and had a special interest in fashion and kids. I spent a lot of time going to markets to buy for Ruby and myself and and got a job designing a Newsletter for Mum's. I loved the logos and designs a lot of the labels had and wanted to be able to create something really gorgeous and fun too. All I've ever wanted is to design beautiful things I can be really proud of, and now I can finally do that.
Everything inspires me.

My house is filled with 'found items' and notebooks filled with ideas that I might one day use for (I really need to get it all under control). My computer is even worse, filled with pics and ideas catalogued away just in case I need. I have a process I go through before I start designing and drawing from my design references is very important to me. I am heavily influenced by kids and childhood generally though. I love being able to live in a dreamland where everyday is a happy day.

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
They're are so many clever people out there with fantastic ideas, I'm fortunate to be able to help bring them to life. I feel honoured to be involved with business' as they start and watch them grow. By far the most satisfying part of my job is creating something that the client just instantly loves.

What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
Nearly all my jobs have come about from word of mouth. Having clients reccomend me to others is wonderful, and I get lots of warm and fuzzy's when I receive lovely feedback from them. I've built some really strong relationships with the people I've done work for and I find this the most rewarding thing of all.

Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?
I decided that for Christmas and Ruby's birthday this year (she is born on the 28th December) that I would try and make it a 'Handmade/Support a WAHM Chrismas', so I have lots of favs. I bought Ruby and one of her friends, gorgeous little bags from Anika , so so cute. Also love these little shirts from immie&ollie. A very special present I bought for Ruby is a 'Ruby' doll from Lace and Ryde. The dolls are adorable, and you are able to customise them to match your little one. It looks just like Ruby in her ballerina outfit... I think it might be a 'no-touch' toy.

What are your long term goals for your business?
I am pretty happy with the way things are going, I have some great projects coming up that I'm really excited to be involved with. I'd love love love to launch my own range of prints for kids rooms, I have a million ideas and just need to get them out there!

What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling online?
Get a professional graphic designer help you with your branding. Try to avoid templates otherwise you run the risk of looking the same as everyone else. This will give you an edge on competitors by providing a lasting impression to your clients that your business is strong and reliable. You only have one chance to make a first impression - and it lasts!

Name three brands you couldn’t live without? and why?
Mac - I'm a Graphic Designer, I dream about beautiful sleek shiny Macs. I pretty much have my hands on a Mac 24/7.
Cadbury - the ultimate sustenance.
Facebook - I'm an addict. I love that I can access it everywhere on my Iphone (especially during those long newborn feeds in parent rooms when I'm out).

Do you have a favourite trend?
Changes daily, but I'm really influenced by parties at the moment - candy buffets, balloons, bunting, beautiful invites, maccorrons, doillies, cupcakes... I could go on and on...

What is your favourite place in the world?
Reality - Lying in bed with my two gorgeous babies and Danny (especially if I got some sleep the night before).
Dreamy - Paris really is the most devine place in the world. If I had a gazillion dollars, this is where I would live.

If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be?
I want to be Hello Kity. She's super dooper cute and everyone loves her. I would love to live in her bubbly colourful world of cuteness.



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Friday, 19 November 2010

catch me if you can...

Start your engines! On your mark, get set, go!! Vroooooooom to birthday fun!

Everything you need for a spectacular and inspiring {Race Car} themed birthday party is right here - and so easy to put together, simply print, cut and party.

This gorgeous colour palette of grey, red, vintage cream and black suits boys of all ages - from husbands to teenagers to first birthday boys - everyone will love this gorgeous Vintage/Classic car-themed collection.

Planning a party has never been easier and so much fun! Each party pack comes with the following:

- invitation
- happy birthday banner
- cupcake toppers
- food labels/lolly jar label
- gable style favour boxes
- water bottle label
- cupcake wrapper
- party hat

If you are interested in purchasing this {Vintage/Classic Car} collection send me an email:

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

{yummy mummy Jayde} from Little Paper Lane

{Stationary Lust} is how I would describe today’s guest post.

I would love to introduce the fabulous {stationery-a-holic} Jayde, the owner of a lovely paper boutique called Little Paper Lane, in Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Jayde's biggest dream was to open her own paper store and this dream finally came to reality in May this year. Jayde turned her life long passion for paper into a beautiful and inspiring shop. Little paper lane is where Jayde can gleefully revel in her passion for paper and then share it with all of us.

The range is full of whimsical paper creations handpicked from all around the world. Little paper Lane is definitely a one stop shop for anything paper from gift tags, greeting cards, journals, wrapping paper, invitations even beautiful decorative sticky tapes and notes. It’s a dream come true for any stationery lover and has got to be the sweetest stationery/paper shop I’ve ever seen!!

Inspired by Jayde’s unmistakable style, here’s a little sneak peek of her amazing store. Enjoy the whimsical world of paper with Little Paper Lane.

I would like to thank the ever so wonderful Jayde for not only being our special guest blogger and sponsor but for supporting {my little jedi} from the very start. You are amazing Jayde! Make yourself a cups of tea and enjoy Jayde's amazing story which i am sure you love just as much as i do. xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind “Little Paper Lane”?
I am forever a dreamer, and always in search of an adventure! I am a Sagittarius so its only natural! I have been married for 6years to a very LOUD Canadian, and a very proud Mummy to my little man Iggy who is 3 and half. I am obsessed with stationery and all things paper, and its has been my biggest dream and adventure to open my little shop!

When did you launch your business & blog?
The shop opened May 20th this year, and I started my blog in about June….I am still getting used to the blogging bit, but the shop is meant to be!

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work? My passion for stationery that I have always had…I cant remember a time when I didn’t love it….basically gave me the drive to start the shop! It was always in my head but only really became a big thought last year when I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful a whole shop of unique paper products in the area I live would be I was probably doing it for more selfish reasons cos I just wanted to be surrounded by paperery goodness, and it has just grown so much more into finding products for my customer to gush about and love!

So many things inspire me though, the products themselves inspire me they are so beautiful and fun and just keep me smiling! Any woman that has even started her own business and had the guts to do it inspires me….I absolutely love every bit of the business so that in itself just keeps me going! Except Tax…I hate tax haha If you are passionate about something I think that is the perfect tool to use when it comes to business! As longs as I love its guts, then I will keep doing it….and I have never ever not loved stationery!

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
Just seeing people when they come into the shop and look around and smile or loose their breath cos they love it all, it’s a great feeling and it is very calming cos it means I did the right thing by opening the shop! Its scary starting a business so the fact the customers keep coming back and smiling is so rewarding!

Whats your favourite product from your store (choose at least one please ;)
Pear memo pads….of coarse :)

What are your long term goals for your business?

We are trying to get our website on the move so we can have an online store up and running next year! There will be many things in the future of Little Paper Lane…I have never stopped dreaming so I am sure some little idea will pop into my head That I just have to do!

Do you have a favourite colour palette that you absolutely love ?
Ohhhhh I wish I just had a nice easy colour palette, but colour is very much a huge part of who I am….I have been a makeup artist since I was 20 and playing with colour is all part of the fun! I like to surround myself with so many colours but for some reason I wear a lot of black…I think being a Mum to my lil man requires black! There is always mess! My favourite colour this year has been duckegg blues, and aqua’s….but the years before that was hot pinks. I generally like neutral colours with such vibrant colours though….but this changes from day to day!

Are you finding the social networking sites like facebook and your blog driving most of your business? Because I am an actual shop, the people in my area have really been a huge network cos they seems to just know everyone and send everyone in. But places like facebook and twitter have started to generate a lot of business!

I had lady in Brisbane that was a fan on Facebook and she called her friend after we had just opened that lived 5 minutes from my shop to tell her about it! So the Brisbane lady knew we were here but the lady that is in the same suburb didn’t and she came running in!! I love that about facebook, its so accessable and there are seriously not that many people who are not on facebook now so its been fantastic, and I have met lovely people like yourself on there and found very very cute products! Its so wonderful.

Name 3 of your favourite blogs?

and of coarse yours…..but that is obvious!!!

What is your day to day like?
Wake up when Iggy wakes me….as late as possible….normally like 8:30…we are sleeperinera’s…I wouldn’t have it any other way.Coffee and getting ready with Iggy.Drop Iggy to Kindy, or kiss n cuddle for way too long if he is staying at home with Daddy.

Hi five husbo…cos kissing boys is gross ewwww ;). Drive to shop. In the shop from 10-5:30 then drive home.cook din din’s. sit on my butt and watch Simpsons with Iggy while Daddy cleans up. Iggy bath, play, story…another story, and tries another story normally about Thomas the tank, then couch with laptop, emails, orders, searching, facebook twitter,emails, reaseraching products,cup o tea, facebook, watching Tv in between husbo is always asleep by like 9 so usually tell him to stop snoring a few times and go to bed…he never does, then by like 12 it ‘s bed time and my brain thinks about what I can create for my front window or a million other things, sometimes I wont be on the computer and I will be making cute little paper things for the shop, tonight I was wrapping boxes in our store Xmas theme for my window I will be doing this weekend! So basically my day involves everything I love.

What is your favourite place in the world?
So far New York City and my couch with foxtel and my laptop and Iggy and the loud Canadian….but I will love anywhere I am or go as long as I have my little family….and my iphone….cos I couldn’t deal with life with out it ;)







Little Paper Lane ~ Shop 5/1 Waratah St, Mona Vale 2103

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

bite into some eye candy...

Chocolate Editions celebrates chocolate as an edible art form and I absolutely adore the idea of modernism that is always fresh and always delicious. Each chocolate bar in the collection has been re-imagined from an eclectic array of influences. My favorite is the neapolitan bar – a mix of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry all in one bar – it's perfect for having a little bit of everything.

Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt is a celebration of the candy bar as a perfect pop object. Launched in their home kitchen as gift ideas for friends and family, Chocolate Editions quickly grew into a full line, created to indulge your taste buds.

Death by chocolate is imminent… Who needs packaging with chocolates that look this good? Delish... xx

{images via chocolate editions}

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Vintage Chic DIY Printables by My Little Jedi

I am so excited about this post and soon you will found out why. My Little Jedi was born when a lifelong obsession with stationery and a lover of all things paper. I always loved the idea of creating my own line of printable stationary and art someday, but this dream has finally become a reality, thanks to Julie. I have been involved with this project for couple of weeks now and I am so thrilled and would love to announce that My little jedi has it own {party printables} designed exclusively for us by a super talented graphic designer.

My dear friend Julie and I worked on this project collaboratively and came up with couple of the most popular party themes for girls {sweet and sophisticated} & for the boys {bold and fun}. Party printables takes the {my little jedi} style that you've come to love and brings it into the most important events of your life. I am ecstatic that our gorgeous vintage chic printables are featured on the Amy Atlas Blog today, this has been a dream come true for me.

Planning my son's 1st birthday made me realize how hard its to find the perfect party supplies to fit within the theme and colour palette. However with these pre-designed party packs, planning a party has never been easier and so much fun! Each party pack comes with the following:

♥ invitation
♥ happy birthday banner
♥ cupcake toppers
♥ food labels/lolly jar label
♥ party favour pillow boxes
♥ water bottle label
♥ cupcake wrapper
♥ party hat

As a part of our launch we are giving 10 "free printables" and we will announce the winners tomorrow night on our blog so stay tuned. The lucky winners will need to send in one photo of how you used the printables. Be creative the possibilities are endless. xx

We are currently working on couple of different themes, both for boys and girls which i will share very soon. If you are interested in purchasing these chic party printables email me at or visit our website

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Friday, 12 November 2010

Deliciously chic… Martha Stewart’s style

UniqueElegantLuxurious… is how I interpret Martha Stewart’s style. From homely crafts to divine wedding inspiration, Martha Stewart has changed how we live our lives. I devour it in one sitting, reading every last word, admiring every single picture. My husband usually comes around to ask me something while I am reading Martha’s blog however he has learned not to bother trying to hold a decent conversation as Martha wins every time.

Martha Stewart website features some of the most over-the-top, gorgeous wedding cakes I have ever seen. Beyond gorgeous. Perfection...basically every bride's wedding dream is captured in one place…
Here is a selection of my favourite cakes... Bon Appetite! xx

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

love me tender...

I am blown away by the extent of creativity that exists in the wedding industry. I’m excited to share with you an event styled by {Sitting in a Tree Events}! This vintage inspired {La Cosa Blanca} party is a pure perfection. There are so many fabulous ideas here and I just adore the white, gold and silver color palette. It’s sophisticated and elegant and yet there is a lot of fun, unexpected details I think you’ll find incredibly inspiring. I cant go past and not mention how much i love the table & floral arrangements, white baroque morrows, gold candelabras and those vintage bottle vases. Every detail is absolutely amazing.
Enjoy xx

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

{yummy mummy - Katie from 'The Ivory Social'}

{Samuel’s first birthday party - Delicious Bee dessert table}

{mini bee pops}

Hi lovelies, tonight we have another fabulous {guest blogger/yummy mummy}, I would like you to meet the super talented party stylist Katie from {The Ivory Social}.

There is a huge focus right now on styling the perfect dessert table, having said that Katie has executed every event to perfection. I’m loving the {Bee} party that Katie styled for her son's Samuel 1st birthday. The yellow and grey palette is divine as well as the honeycomb backdrop, the mini bee pops, the adorable cupcakes, the honey macaron tower, the homemade honeycombs and did i meantion that this amazing party was featured on AMY ATLAS BLOG! {congrats}.

Katie celebrated {Halloween} in style with this amazingly spooky dessert table. Divine colour palette, amazing styling, gorgeous glitter pumpkin, marshmallow ghost tower, handmade tissue backdrop were just some of the highlights for me. And we can't forget to mention this gorgeous ruffled table skirt {made by Katie herself}, which is part of her signature look.

Below i have handpicked a selection of Katie's favourite styled parties. Thanks Katie for being our {special guest} on MLJ blog today!

Enjoy the interview below! xx

{Spooky Halloween Dessert Table}
{dusted ghost pops, marshmallow tower & oreo spiders}

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind The Ivory Social?
I am a mother to two fabulous little boys (who sometimes drive me a little nuts), wife to the most beautiful, kindest man (who supports my love of gimmicks), and owner of The Ivory Social- a bespoke party styling company.
I am a control freak…who vacuums everyday- not too sure why as the three darlings (yes husband included) think the floor is the place for everything.
I made at least 15 batches of macarons before I was happy with the perfect little lovlies- and have mastered….for now
I love to entertain- enough said who does not
I love to make lots of different foods, cakes, sweets etc- but don’t eat any of it.

When did you launch your business/website/blog?
After I had my first son 4.5 years ago, I started an accessory business called Pink Theodore, I did this up until my second son was born and felt a little “bowed” out. I taught a few girls how to make some hair accessories and they are now quite the popular little bow makers now.
I started styling parties about 3 years ago, it has been very busy, hectic and crazy. Being the control freak, I tend to do everything myself from the design concept, the tag design, the food prep, making the cakes, the sewing and all of the other fun things that go along with it.
I am about to launch my interiors website (completely on another avenue to anything else)- it is called TheodoreMade and will stock some amazing pieces from all over the world as well as come custom made pieces.

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
The party styling is definitely a word of mouth thing. People seen some of my work through friends and then booked a party and then their friends.
I am frequently asked to make cakes, but I have absolutely no training what so ever in cake making, it is the work of wise old Google that has taught me much of what I know!

I am continuously learning and always inspired. I think there are SO many talented Aussie ladies out there at the moment- Sharnel Dollar Designs, Tracey Lau, Scissors Paper Cake, Juli from Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats. Overseas obviously Amy Atlas, The City Cradle, The Caketress (Oh gosh Lori is amazing!)- this list could go on forever!

I am continuously inspired by interior designers too- I think Kelly Wearstler is the bees knees, Jonathan Adler, Sarah Richardson- locally I cannot pass Black & Spiro- these are the people who ignited the passion for interiors in me, hence the store (TheodoreMade) and why I am studying Interior Design next year!

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
Apart from meeting some very talented girls who make me squeal with such happiness, the kids at these parties just stare with such wide eyed amazement, it is the most innocent and beautiful thing. At our Halloween party, I overheard our beautiful friends daughter whisper to the my son, “this is the best day ever, I’ll remember it forever”. Creating memories that will grow with the child is the best and most satisfying part.

What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
AMY ATLAS!!!!! When I got the email saying she wanted to feature the bee party, I almost hyperventilated. Everyone was asleep, it was 11:30 at night, and I could not stop smiling.

Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?
I recently bought some Little Green Apple bows, they were divine- have not taken the “katie” bow out- the colours are gorgoues! I also bought a Mookah pouffe thing for my sons bedroom. Mon Tresor also made some custom headbands for me which are stunning!

What are your long term goals for your business?
I am trying to limit the amount of parties I take on due to time constraints and the new business venture. Long term goals would be to set up the store for TheodoreMade.
What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling online?
I think advertising, whilst expensive, really does pay off. Persevere, you may not have a gazillion sales in the first week, but once people realise your products are amazing they will stick with you, SERVICE is key and always communicate with your customers.

Name your three favourite party themes and tell us what do you love about them?
Oh gosh- I have two boys, but am such a girly girl. I love it when I get to style girl parties.
I love a good tea party, I think bee parties are great and are gender neutral and I seen a party with balloons and hot air balloons and rusty keys and pinwheels and goodness knows what theme it was but it was heaven!

Do you have a favourite trend?
I think you cannot go past a ruffle. Put it on a cake, table skirt, carnation LOVE!

What is your favourite place in the world?
Hahahah wrong person to ask, I have a husband who travels the world all the time, but the furtherst I have been is Noosa :)
I cannot wait to experience travel with my family. I want to take them to watch me shoe shop in New York, shoe shop in Paris, and watch a shoemaker make some more shoes for me in Italy :)

If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be?
Maybe Brittany the chipmonk- I definitely sound like one on our answering machine!

{The Ivory Social}

Website: (coming soon)

{Tyler's 4th birthday party - Circus Elephant Dessert Table}

{Easter Dessert Table}

{Deamy High Tea Dessert Table}

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