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there is something about 'Kate Landers'...

I must say I love all the amazing & talented people I have met through social networking and today I would love share this amazing interview of Kate Landers.

Classic, sophisticated, charming! These words define the style of Kate Landers Events! Kate is the owner of the fabulous Kate Landers Events, editor of the lovely blog and she runs a very successful boutique event design business, Kate Landers Events LLC . Her passion for planning children's parties began at the age of ten and seventeen years on she continues to plan events with the same level of passion and enthusiasm. Kate encourages themes, décor, activities and favors that nurture a young child's imagination & bring joy to any party.

I was totally captivated by the signature mermaid party that Kate featured on her blog, which was filled with amazing inspiration and creativity! Every now and then a party comes along thats stands out from the croud and blows you away, and this was one of those! Divine colour palette, enchanting styling, gorgeous sweets and amazing cake were just some of the highlights for me. I absolutely admire Kate's work and i would love to share some of Kate’s favourite styled parties. {take a look at these amazing shots}.

Last but not least, make yourself a cup of tea and take a read of this amazing interview, and I am sure Kate’s answers will inspire you & have you glued to your screen! I know I was...I couldn’t take my eyes off my laptop as I was reading the interview. Enjoy xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind Kate Landers Events?
Creativity is part of why my heart beats…it is infused within me. I adore my family (my husband and love of my life Ryan and I have been married 4.5 years), have a strong faith, and love children and animals. I love dressing up and going to the theatre or ballet, and have an incredibly vivid imagination. I love to write, and be inspired. I love to bake, will devour an entire strawberry pink champagne cake, and love walking.

When did you launch your business/website/blog?
I officially launched my business in spring of 2009, but my blog and website didn’t launch until mid-fall 2009.

If you could describe your style in 3 words what would that be?
Oh my, only three (as you know I am one of the most detailed bloggers out there!).
1) Classic
2) Sophisticated
3) Charming

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
It was actually a combination of factors throughout my life that perfectly fell into place, bringing this passion and dream to life.
a) I have had a life-long love of designing children’s parties. I started at the age of 10, and never stopped! It eventually turned into designing showers, tea parties, our wedding, but I realized it was children’s parties that really made my heart sing.
b) I got my business degree from Babson College, having a strong foundation in the “business side” of things as an entrepreneur. I also ran a small high-end stationery boutique for over 3.5 years, where I literally learned what it took to run a small business—that was a tremendous education, and while doing it I saw how much I absolutely loved running a small business, as well as how much I adored invitations, stationery, party décor, personalized gifts, and above all, helping others.
c) I adore children. I began babysitting at the age of 14 and continued for nearly 13 years. I was a nanny for a family with six gorgeous children, and realized how much I connected with them, cared for and loved them. Children have the most precious and vivid imaginations—I love to fuel them through playtime and parties.
d) I have always had a love of performing. I began dancing (ballet) at the age of 3.5 yrs, and continued through college. I also performed Shakespeare in high school and for a small theatre company (even directed a bit as well, which I was thrilled about). It was a great joy and I have found that when I put together and design an event, it is very similar to a theatrical production. {wow}
You put all of these factors together, a bit of experience interning at Children’s Hospital in Boston, working as a conference coordinator for an art school, working as a consultant for a new stationery line as well as a creative consultant for a highly-sought-after event planner/interior designer/style guru, and it all came together—this is what I was meant to do!
In terms of who and what inspires me: I am inspired greatly by children, by ballet/theatre/photography/performance/art/crafting, animals and most certainly nature.
My father is a tremendous inspiration to me, as a successful entrepreneur and someone who is incredibly humble and selfless. My husband inspires me, with his tremendous love and support of my business (he is the one who encouraged me to take the leap, when he saw what joy it brought me talking about it!), and so many of my peers are constant inspirations to me. {how lovely}
What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
I absolutely adore seeing the birthday child’s face when they enter the creative celebration space that I designed for them, and realizing that this is all to celebrate their sweet precious life! Seeing a child that happy, feeling that loved and adored, is momentous.
What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
With the announcement of my school of party design, I received hundreds of e-mails with inquiries immediately. I still, on a daily basis, receive requests. I am greatly honoured and humbled that so many of these brilliantly talented women, wish to learn more from me. I have learned in a fairy short amount of time, that while my dream is to celebrate the life of each and every child, one party at a time…I simply cannot do this on my own! Therefore, I decided the best way to do this would be to teach others how to celebrate the lives of their children.
Whether they want to just learn some skills in planning their own children’s parties, start a children’s party planning business or polish the business they already have—the response to this has been great, and while it is a tremendous undertaking, I couldn’t be more thrilled. What a reward!
The other reward, which was also very great and quite frankly a dream come true, was my opportunity to share my story in an 8 page editorial feature in Life: Beautiful magazine (one of the most beautifully photographed magazines in the country). They featured me among two other people as “adventurers” and I do not believe I am anywhere near the type of adventurer nor inspiration that these two amazing people are, but I was greatly humbled that I was considered so. I was able to design a darling party exclusively for them (as SOON as I get digital images I will certainly share on my blog--there is much in that interview in Life: Beautiful that I hope you all will get a chance to learn about and read. {cant wait}
Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?
Yes! I bought a gorgeous handmade fabric flower brooch that I am going to add to my vintage brooch collection, to turn into a necklace, I simply cannot wait!
What are your long term goals for your business?
Writing a book is my dream, I hope to make that a reality sooner than later. I also wish more than anything to be able to continue to create, learn and inspire others (yes, I still have several things I am yet to master and this business has been a tremendous learning tool for me, reminding me of how far I still have to go!), designing products and parties for children.
I hope to have a successful launch of the party school, continue writing and contributing for blogs (such as Design Dazzle and Layla Grayce)…the most important thing for me is to be constantly innovating my business, and using it to have an incredibly helpful impact on the lives of others is most important of all.
All the while, I want to do this while staying true to myself, doing something creative that I love every day, keeping my priorities straight, and remembering that this business is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon me—I must enjoy each and every moment of it!
Name three brands you couldn’t live without? and why?
Oh goodness! To take this in the literal sense would be listing manufacturers of bottled water and home insulation, hahaha! But in a more playful sense, I would say that I greatly adore Kate Spade, almost all the offerings at the online retailer Layla Grayce (from Pom Pom At Home to House, Inc) and Target!

Whats your day to day like?
No two days are ever the same! Typically, my day includes about 14 hours of working for Kate Landers Events, LLC (yes, it is true, and has been that way since the beginning!). I constantly create, design, as well as work on managing e-mails, working on the Party School, updating my blog and staying in the loop through Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.
Some days I search for new props (and often, sketching the designs for them myself to either create myself or have one of my brilliant designers bring to life for me), design products, hunt for undiscovered talent… and our sweet puppy Henry (1 yr old English Cream Golden Retriever) and our two cats Gracie and Chesca work right beside me all day long.
My office is at home, so I sit in a room with a giant 5-panel ceiling-to-floor bay window overlooking the yard, forest and river behind us, and it is almost daily that I see deer, racoons, a fox, coyote, beaver, and of course a daily dose of squirrels, chipmunks and a variety of stunning birds (we have owls and snakes, too!). My style is very shabby chic, so think pink toile and white furniture, an old farm table and some pieces that don’t match just right! The evenings Ryan and I have dinner together, and we go for a walk, every.single.night. We started this ritual about 2 years ago, and have missed our walks maybe 5 times total, when I had the flu. We walk in rain, snow, sleet, hail, freezing temperatures or heat & humidity. We adore our walks, and relaxing with one another. Then I hop back on the computer to do more work after he goes to bed, often working until the week hours of the morning, but sleeping in a bit later to make sure I get some rest.
Tell us your 3 favourite party themes and why?
This is a difficult question!
1) A theme based off of the imagination, with details very unexpected. My coastal-shabby-chic-inspired Mystical Mermaid party, because it was incredibly soft, feminine, romantic, unexpected. It also included my favourite colors (pink and white with hints of green) and lots of sand and sea glass (I adore sea glass).
2) A Classic and Charming Vintage-Inspired Birthday Party {yet to be released}, as it allows me to create an environment as if you are stepping back in time. I adored doing my Marie Antoinette-inspired party, as I loved the fashion of the rococo period. But I also love the style of Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, and turning those vintage petticoats into modern day party dresses would be a dream. I love so many of the colors, fabrics, types of tableware used in the past, and look forward to creating a party where I can bring some of that into the future.
3) This may be cheating, but I would say any party that is based off of a classic storybook or fairytale. Whether it is an adventure in a jungle or on a safari, prancing in the woods as a fairy or digging up dinosaur fossils—I love make sure each and every event I create is an experience for the birthday child and their guests.
What is your favourite holiday destination?
It’s a tie between Santa Barbara, California (where I was born, spent my summers, and my husband Ryan and I were married…and Edgartown on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard, where we vacation every summer and every winter. I love being near the ocean.

If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be?
Wow! I would say the Road Runner…he keeps going and going and going…


I would like to personally thank Kate for allowing me to share this beautiful feature with my lovely readers. xx

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  1. Kate is just truly amazing!!!! Thank you for having her as your guest Vesna and thank you Kate for sharing with us. So glad to get to know you xx

  2. What a fabulous interview - truly inspirational!

  3. What a beautiful interview! I loved Kate's feature in Life: Beautiful and have enjoyed reading it over and over again. She's such a sweet inspiration! So glad you interviewed her and shared it with us! :)

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments girls. I feel so privileged to have Kate as our guest. She is one humble, amazing, talented, sweet, charming, inspirational woman! I hope i get to meet Kate in the near future. xx :)


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