Thursday, 7 October 2010

yummy mummy - Lindi

Today’s fabulous “yummy mummy” Interview takes us to the other side of the world {Washington} and I would like you all to meet the lovely Lindi from {Love the Day}.
To sum it up in one sentence, Lindi is a wife to a handsome man, mother of two blue-eyed girls and a freelance graphic designer trying to love the day through trips to the park, making treats, restoring furniture, reading classics, crossword puzzles, sewing, taking pictures, and throwing parties. {She is amazing, isn't she?}

I feel so honored to have Lindi as our guess, as i have been a huge fan of her work and have been following Lindi’s blog religiously. Recently I asked Lindi to custom design Aniken's happy birthday banner and party hats and I have to admit she did a fabulous job. If you haven’t already you have to check out {Love the day} blog its full of great ideas and inspiration.

{Love the day} will help you celebrate the most important events in your life. Whether it be for your little one's birthday, your best friends bridal shower, or to celebrate a new birth or wedding, Lindi would love to help you "love the day" by throwing the perfect party! I absolotely adore Lindy's Luau party which has been featured all over the blogosphere. {images below}

I would like to thank Lindi for taking the time and being a part of our "yummy mummy" guest post. Here is her lovely story... enjoy xx
Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind Love The Day?
My name is Lindi Haws and I'm the mama to two beautiful blue eyed girls and wife to one handsome man. I live in America's capital where I am surrounded by the most amazing people and friends anyone could ask for. I love taking my babies to the park, baking, redecorating my house (my poor hubby), crossword puzzles, reading classic literature and designing. But most of all, I love throwing parties!
When did you launch your business & blog?
I'm a total newbie at this blogging and etsy business. I launched both in May of this year.
What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
I've been a freelance graphics designer for quite awhile, but my amazing mother encouraged me to launch my etsy site marrying my two loves, designing and parties! I'm constantly inspired by shapes, patterns and funky color palettes.
What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
I absolutely LOVE when I receive photos from my clients showing me how they use my designs to celebrate the most important events in their lives!!
What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
One of my little party hats was featured in Parenting magazine in August. There is nothing like seeing your designs in print!! So rad.Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?Oh my. Have you heard of Hank and Hunt?! She sells the most AMAZING party garlands. I love them so much I could totally marry them.
What are your long term goals for your business?
Well, designing and creating makes me happy and fulfilled! I plan to find projects, parties, avenues that continue to bring such joy!
What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling online?
Be confident about your product rather than fearful of the critics.
Name three brands you couldn’t live without? and why?
Adobe (Illustrator)AppleTide
Do you have a favourite trend?
That one's hard. Ohh I know, I love color trends! I'm LOVING the color palette for Spring 2011.
What is your favourite place in the world?
Playing on the floor with my girls. If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be? (this one is just for s a bit of fun)Ok, don't judge. I totally loved SheRa when I was a little girl. Although I'm not sure I could rock the outfit.
If you could be a super hero or a cartoon character, who will you be? :)
Ok, don't judge. I totally loved SheRa when i was a little girl. Although i am not sure i can rock the outfit.

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  1. lovely interview and I agree that Lindi uses amazing colour combinations....lovely and very inspiring....brlliant advise to be confident about your product rather than fearful of the critics x

  2. Love Lindi's work and also love the advice to be confident and do as your heart wishes too- not worrying about the critics :)

  3. I Love Love LOVE THE DAY!! Great interview, what a fun way to get to know the designers.. Good Job!


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