Friday, 8 October 2010

10 things you didnt know about me

Hi lovelies, today’s post is all about fun, as you will soon get to know 10 more things that you didn’t know about ME! And on top of this, I will tag 5 other lovely bloggers that will have to share their own “10 things you didn’t know about *****”. So the purpose of this post is to get to know these fabulous mums and bloggers on a personal level and then they will have to tag 5 other bloggers and the chain will go on…

So the tag team or “team jedi” follows:

♥ Niki from Candy Soirees
Jen from Jennifer Birkhead Designs
Suz from Mon Tresor
♥ Thetis from
Little Sooti
♥ Jordan from
Polkadot Prints

So, these are the 10 things that you didint know about ME!

1. On Sunday mornings you'll find me: cuddling in bed with my precious little boy Aniken and hubby Jani.

2. Being Sagittarian: Bring out the adventurous side and free to be ME!

3. Day I'd love to live again: First date with the Jani--oh the sweet rush of new love and butterflies in the stomach! blush*

4. When I need a good cry: Actually, I probably don't even need a reason sometimes! I am very sensitive person!

5. The person that brings out the best in me is: My little boy Aniken.

6. I could spend the whole day: In my pj’s, reading fabulous/inspirational blogs.

7. Being back belt in karate: Something I am proud of and have put it into practice few times! …lets not go into details ;)

8. I'm most creative: Late at night when I think no one is watching.

9. My dream house: Near the beach, lots of natural light, plenty of workspace, and someone else to clean up after my husband!

10. Etsy: Serious addiction! I think I should be banned from this site!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and i can not wait to see what the girls will come up with!

Love Vesna xx

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  1. I enjoyed reading this Vesna! Wow black belt, watch out! That's very cool and I'm loving your blog layout and design, it's gorgeous!
    Janette xx

  2. i love getting to know everyone a little more after reading cool lisa xox

  3. Love getting to know a little more about you.Black belt that's son is one stripe away from being black too,I love being creative at night to when all asleep and etsy big addiction here too ...Love it ,thanks for sharing XX

  4. Black belt - that is impressive hun!!! xx


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