Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh my so sweet...

Check out 4 new gorgeous collections, made by 'My little jedi"...
~ You’re a Doll I Mini Bimbles I Into the Wild I I Robot ~

- You’re a Doll Collection ~ Let me introduce cute as a button Matryoshka dolls ~ Misha, Oksana, Katya and Daroda!
- Into the Wild Collection ~ Lets go on a safari voyage with Owlive and Hootie Hoo!
- I Robot Collection ~ Set your dial to “Party” and your program to “Fun” and enjoy playing with Bender and Rusty!
- Mini Bimble Collection ~ Meet the 6 cutest mini bimbles Gaga, Yoshi, Mika, Boo, Kobi and Lilo!

For any enquiries or questions about the collections please drop me an email on I would love to hear your thoughts xx

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

You're a doll...

Hello lovelies!
Check out my latest cute as a button “you’re a doll” range of Matryoshka doll cards. Matryoshka Doll (also knows as babushka) patterns and shapes are being used all over the globe and becoming part of current pop culture and they are such a great inspiration for making cards.
If you love my Matryoshka doll cards as much as I do, then take a look at how some of the designers around the world are also inspired by this precious doll.

For any enquiries or questions please drop me an email on I would love to hear your thoughts xx

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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mothers Day fabulous finds on

With Mothers Day around the corner don't miss out on buying any of these fabulous finds for your mum! xx
1. Studio Leanne cocktail ring 2. Kerri’s Hangups hand towels
3. Paper Tie Affair – garlands 4. My Little Jedi mother’s day card "Sadie".
5. Moo Woo paperbag photo album 6. Halle Jay silver custom jewellery
7. Kathy Panton – By The Water print 8. Little Viking Girl brooch

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

how dear to the heart is a mother like you!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. My little boy Aniken is too young to organize anything and my husband needs a bit of ‘nudge’ in the present’s department. If I want to wake up on the day with a present I can genuinely enthuse and rave about, then I better leave a list of things I really want lying around somewhere obvious.

Show your mum how much you love her and give her a gorgeous & unique personalized card made with love by ‘my little jedi’.
Both my Mum and Grandma have made things since they were young and taught me things along the way as I grew up. In my opinion, encouraging creativity in children is essential and being able to pass the things that I learned on to my kids someday makes me extremely happy!
Please share anything that you have personally made for you mum! xx

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Oh my handmade goodness!

Every couple of days, Etsy posts an interview with in a different seller. Few weeks ago they listed a post about ‘Reasons to buy handmade’. I really liked this post because it's something I believe in as well as something in which I'm personally involved and invested, I wanted to share it with all of you.

~ 3 reasons to buy handmade ~

* It’s handmade. This means someone actually took the time to personalize something and put their blood and sweat into it.
* Buying handmade usually means you are helping the artists of the world to continue their existence. More artists mean more free thinkers, more activists!
* The best part about buying handmade is that you usually get a chance to have a personal connection to the object and the artist. Buying a handmade item shows your willingness to be a part of a community and your eagerness to contribute to a greater cause.
Thank you for supporting handmade x

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Oh my so cute!

Adorable right? Take a look at my new vintage-inspired collection for little girls -'Little Leia'. Like to buy a card for precial little princess please visit my etsy store or send me an email

Thanks and have a delightful day! x

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mothers Day Designs - Ooh la la so chic!

Stylish, elegant and fashionable! Express heartfelt sentiments with the elegant and timeless mother’s day designs or celebrate birthdays and special occasions with the collection of pretty vintage florals in all the latest season’s trendy patterns. Whatever suits your unique taste or style, my little jedi makes it easy, order a card for a love one from the comfort of your own home.

Mothers Day promotion - Buy 2 or more cards and receive one for FREE.
For more details please contact me:
Thank you for supporting handmade x

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Where to buy my little jedi...

My gorgeous range of handmade cards now have their own home at
I hope you love my cards as much as i love making them for you!

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