Sunday, 30 May 2010

Unique Rainstorm

Gorgeous puffy fluffy felt cloud mobile with three raindrops made out of felt. With this cloud, it's raining grey, dusty pink and black. Very unique rainstorm! This playful, inspiring felt mobile is handmade and is the perfect accessory for any baby's room or bright, colorful corner. Surprise a new mum with this gift or use it to brighten up your own space!
It hangs from a fine fishing line lovely! Made out of 100% felt and it measures approximately 20 x 20 cm. Others colors available on order. Contact me on
(Cloud mobile made by The Butter Flying

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Friday, 28 May 2010

How Fruitful

Did you ever used to get into trouble by your mum for always saying 'I want..'? I did..but you know what...
"I WANT THESE.. Super cute fruity sticky notes"!

For those people that can’t live without their memo pads, these funky fruit shaped sticky notes offer a delightful twist on the traditional sticky note. These super cute set of apple and pear shaped memo pads are the most adorable sticky notes the planet has ever seen. You can unfold it, use the paper clip to hold it and it looks like a real round watermelon! Comes with a cute foam protector so it looks even more like a real fruit! So fun to use! These apple and pear shaped sticky notes
are so cute, good enough to eat! What a fancy way to decorate your home or office desk with these cool funky fruity ‘Sticky Notes’.
There are a total of 150 sheets! Measures approx 3.75 x 3.5 inches each (when opened). More shapes (orange, peach, watermelon, kiwi) will be available soon. If you like to purchase these super cute sticky notes please send me an email

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Calling out all fashionistas!

Hey there, Upper East Siders, 'My little jedi' gossip’s here. Blair, Serena and Jenny have been spotted all over the Upper East Side wearing some of the coolest fashions.
Blair - sugar & sweet on the outside, evil on the inside - makes for a fabulously royal wardrobe fit for a frost princess. Queen B, her signature style is preppy and classic.
Serena - a slightly edgy take on Upper East Side classy - perfect for a blonde bad-girl-gone-good.
Jenny - a freshman from downtown Soho, who tries to fit in with the wealthy kids from New York’s Upper East Side.

From the very first episode I watched, I was hooked. I loved nearly every piece of clothing & accessories that Serena and Blair wore on the show. Gossip Girl is an unbelievably fashionable and addictive show, tailor-made for fashionistas! This blog post is for all of you who follow Gossip Girl every week for wardrobe inspiration.

If you’re not familiar with the TV series, it is based on the lives of high school/college students from the Upper East Side of New York City. The show pretty much resembles a catwalk full of designer clothes. The main characters, Blair Waldrof, Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey wear brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel and many more in every episode. With a perfect mixture of edginess, drama, and sexiness the show exploded into the pop culture consciousness and the characters and plot just gets better and better.
I love the show so much that I religiously watch it every week & I cant wait for season 4 to come out. *cries*
You know you love me xoxo

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Sunday, 23 May 2010

I heart 'handmade' markets

Unique. Stylish. Beautiful babies & kids stuff. That's what Allie’s Attic Markets is all about. Everything is exquisitely and lovingly handmade, truly a kids shopping heaven. From funky soft toys and fashion to the latest in kids hair accessories, handmade cards & wall art, you will find pieces that are unique and unlike anything available in mainstream stores. Devotees, like me, keep returning to the markets because there is always something new on offer.

I had a great day at my very first markets and i was super excited to showcase my handmade cards and nursery mobiles and i was really happy with the outcome. As these are my first markets, I didn't realize how much time is involved with the whole preparation, starting from making my cards, getting all my props and finalizing all the little details. However, everything went great on the day & I had a lot of very happy customers leave with bags of ‘My little jedi' cards.
I met some really lovely stallholders & few of my lovely facebook fans came by to say hi which was really lovely to put a face to the name. I bought Aniken a super cute tee and tights from Sooda Bub, who specialize in baby & toddler denim, tees and tights & i also got a gorgeous pirate blankie and owl dummy holder from Madi and Me. There was Suzanna from Mon Tresor next to me who makes stunning hair accessories for little girls, personalized cupcake toppers, wall motifs & has exclusive retro paper straws perfect for any of your kids parties.

I'm now in the process of sourcing paper for my new card collection, so stay tuned. I am looking forward in seeing you at the next markets. x

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Adore Vintage

I've always been told I have an old soul and sometimes think I was born in the wrong century, or at least a couple decades too late. I love all things vintage, particularly the fashion & decor of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. I've always loved history, maybe that's why I like things from other centuries so much more. I have a passion for vintage textiles, crafts and eclectic accessories. Eventually this "passion" turned into obsession and that’s how my latest “adore vintage” collection began. I have a great appreciation for elegant, glamour, chandeliers, silk chairs and vintage couture. Yesterday i went to this shabby chic market at Cronulla, purchased few vintage stands for my cards, i was so excited that when i got home i could not resist but take some pictures and share them with you.
I find vintage images to be so charming & inspiring! Like for example these little illustrations by "The little humbugs" that i found on etsy. Aren't they cute? I just wanted to share them with you today.
But let's be serious here - I don't live in a time-warp. I do love hip hop & rock music, have heard of Justin Bieber, carry an iPhone and am addicted to the internet and all the inspiration and glorious shopping opportunities it brings.
So since vintage inspired cards are such a delight, check out - ‘My little jedi’ – ‘Adore Vintage’ Collection
These cards are only $5 each, so please hurry and place your order ~ send me an email xx

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Truly Smitten

Perfect mix of retro style and modern feel, "my little jedi" brings "rough & tough for the boys and sweet & pretty for the girls.

Retro Race – Ready Set Go! Start your engines and let the race begin!This retro inspired card is for a fast moving party! 

Kobi the Robot - Set your dial to “party” and your program to “Fun” and enjoy playing in space with Kobi the Robot!

Little Red Riding Hood - Ones upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a tiny village near a great big forest. She always wore a red riding cloak and became known as Little Red Riding Hood!

Pretty Polly - Sweet and petite, this “Pretty Polly” card is the perfect finishing touch for your party. All little birds love a tweet (or treat) at the end of a party!

For any questions & enquiries about this collection please send me an email on

Love to hear your feedback xx

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

'My litte Jedi' as featured on Handmade Kids

Once upon a time, there was a young mum with a love of vintage, whimsical, unique cards. Frustrated with the lack of such designs available, she decided to create her own. One day, over tea and scones, My Little Jedi was born.

A contemporary twist on vintage charm, 'my little jedi' brings you handmade designs for all types of special occasions. Mix of vintage treasures with modern pieces to create an individual look, adorned with pretty ribbons and embellishments. All cards are made by hand, finished with care and limited in their design, therefore unique. I hope you love our cards as much as i love making them for you.

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Meet the Hoot's

Whoo knew!
Autumn is in the air and it makes me want to go out and buy little owl-themed products.When I was pregnant with my little boy Aniken had a crazy obsession with owls. Anything to do with owls, i bought and proudly displayed. Aniken has Petit Collage owls artwork by Lorena Siminovich displayed in his nursery even before he was born. But who knew that vintage owl will be popping up all over the place, especially in jewellery, home d├ęcor, kids clothing, party themes & greeting cards.

The owl trend is still going strong so I would like to introduce you with “My little Jedi” Retro/Vintage owl inspired collection “Meet the Hoot’s” .

Meet Owlive, Hootie Hoo & Posh Toot.

Petit Collage owls artwork by Lorena Siminovich

'My little jedi' Collection has definitely gone Hootie Tootie!
I ♥ Owls

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Random Loveliness by "Handmade Kids" x

Handmade Kids have done it again! I would love to say a HUGE thank you to Caz from Handmade Kids who has helped me promote 'my little jedi" cards. xx
Featured: "Little Leia Collection" ~ Angelique, Savannah, Charlotte and Blair ~

1. Style Aficianado 2 . Moo Woo 3. My Little Jedi 4. Embellish’d

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Obsession with 'paper doilies'

After spending many hours browsing through the internet, blogs, etsy stores I have found my new obsession! Paper Doilies!
Recently I have been wrapping my gifts with brown paper and decorating them with doilies. I love the contrast between the rough, down-to-earth-ness of the paper and the delicate lacy-ness of the paper doilies. Even if you can only find a couple of different types of doilies, with some scissors and glue you can make every present look different. All they need to finish them off is a bit of string or pretty ribbon.
One of my favorites so far has been the red, white and brown theme, which features a completely awesome red felt coaster as a packaging embellishment. After a while admiration turns to obsession and I find myself thinking "Can I perhaps spend all day finding doilies and sewing them into every thing I own? Umm, no! :)
Above are just a few of my favorite looks xx

The delicate, lace-like look of the doilies gives it a classic appeal and makes a wonderful striking impression. Take a look at the gorgeous doilie inspired handmade cards by 'my little jedi' x

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Seeing 'Little Red'...

Red cape? Check. Woven basket? Check. Big bad wolf? Check.

Here is a sneak peak of the inspiration behind ‘my little jedi’ little red riding hood card collection. Little Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favorite fairytales, but not just for the story itself, but the craft inspiration from it. As I've probably mentioned before, red is my favorite color! So here is a little inspiration storyboard I have put together that is based off of Little Red Riding Hood, Enjoy! Little red riding hood card collection from ‘my little jedi’ – coming very soon x

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

5 ways to spoil mum on Mother’s Day x

Simple things are always the best.
1. Let Mum sleep in – even giving Mum a sleep in until 8am would be greatly appreciated, if she is used to being up between 5am-6am every day!
2. While Mum is sleeping in, get her breakfast in bed – (get Dad to help).
3. Pack a picnic and head to the beach or to the park for lunch – you could pack some homemade sandwiches or buy something from the local shops.
4. Give mum a handmade Mother’s Day Card – a simple drawing and message becomes a treasure to keep for years to come! – check out my little jedi mothers day cards x
5. Finally don’t let Mum do any washing, cleaning or even make the beds on Mother’s Day -
Dad can do these things for the day!
Make sure your mum has a fabulous day!
Happy Mother’s Day xx

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