Thursday, 14 October 2010

A touch of whimsy...

If you’re anything like me, half of the fun of the holiday season revolves around picking up little gifts you know your loved ones will adore and then carting them home to wrap them up in the prettiest of wrapping paper confections. So, with that said, I thought I’d share my picks for fabulous gift wrap with which to bundle up all of those pretty little things once you have them home. Even the simplest of gifts make the biggest impact when wrapped with love and care, don’t you agree?

As you know My little jedi has on range one of the most beautiful wrapping paper designed by Smock. But what Im also excited about and would love to share with all of you is this gorgeous reusable gift wrap designed by the talented Viola from {Chewing the Cud}. Each design is hand-printed on 100 % organic cotton with soy-based inks. And because it’s reusable, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! In the spirit of giving, each {Chewing the cud} fabric wrap has GIVE LUCK, GIVE LOVE or GIVE WISDOM.

This is something else we might be able to squeeze in our range. Enjoy! xx

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  1. Hello, had to track you down to read your 10 things... post - it was such a fun game, I've had to read what everyone said! I feel like I'm making new blogging 'friends'. And to find your lovely blog - what a treat - so exciting to find so many clever creative bloggers out there! I will 'visit' you lots because I just became a follower; come 'visit' me too, Jane:)


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