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Off to market we go...

Alecia said: So this little party is very close to my heart as I created this for my favourite little girl, my daughter. Ahllia Gabriella. One thing that Ahllia and I do all the time is the markets, we are lucky we live in Melbourne there are so many fabulous markets to choose from but one that is a favorite is Camberwell market on a Sunday morning, its filled with fab vintage finds, loads of toys and its filled with dogs haha its an outside market so but the end of the day I think she has said hello to every single dog there and brought nearly all the toys. So when thinking of her party i wanted something fun and interactive and a little different so I thought why not create her very own market place.

I had my work cut out for me but I would work on little things each night to bring her party to life. First her invite, the colour palette that I choose was aqua and soft shades of pink. I love the retro birthday cards that I received when I turned one so I wanted a little girl with that kind of feel. Emma from Emma Smith events created the perfect invite, I was thrilled with what she came up with. Even though it was a market party I want it to be oh so pretty with loads of beautiful flowers scattered through out. I collect beautiful aqua vases over the past few months and these were filled with stunning flowers from “The Bouquets Of Ascha Jolie” I chose to sit the children at a more formal setting with a table filled with flowers, I made all the children’s party hats myself and then used the same material to tie around their napkins.  

At the front of the market I I set up the vintage cash register, this was filled the personalized “market Money” also stacked up were shopping baskets. Each child received their own shopping basket and some money to shop the day away. 

Styling notes from Alecia:

Bake Shop
We made the bake shop and I painted it myself. On the stand was her birthday cake a 4 tier vanilla bean Victorian sponge with raspberry cream center covered in white fondant and topped with handmade sugar roses and aqua berries. I made her cake myself, I don’t consider myself a professional cake maker but I get by with what I know and being my own daughters party I wanted to make her cake with lots of love inside. Also in the bake shop were the most fabulous cookies (I secretly squealed when I saw these little babies) I wanted to feature the little girl on the invite on the cookies and Helen from Kiss my cakes was my first lady to call on. There was  2 types of cookies Helen made one with the little girl and the second with the aqua gingham that was featured also on the invite. They were very pretty, loved them. There was also mini yoyos with a soft pink center, vanilla bean cupcake topped with buttercream frosting and handmade cupcake toppers I made out of the same paper I used for her party hats. Along with homemade rocky road.  Also the children’s favors sat at this stand. I wanted little rustic calico bags with Ahllias favorite cupcake mix inside so the children could take them home and bake with their parents. These were such a big hit, topped off with personal instructions from Ahllia and also feature the little girl printed on the front of the bag. Love.

Fresh Flowers Stand.
A lover of fresh flowers this is something we always pick up at the markets and little Ahllia is always in there trying to make her own little bouquet, she actually does very well. So I thought why not have her very own florist where the children can pick and choose their own flowers. I had a table set up with my older nieces to help out to wrap the flowers in paper and tied all together with a bow. This was a massive hit not just with the children but the mums loved it. I was nt left with a single flower and im so happy everyone got to make something. Believe it or not even the Dads were up there making flowers for the mums. I think one nice Dad started and then all the rest followed, it was loads of fun and it really set the scene for her party.

Candy Shop
I chose more vintage looking candy jars then the typical apothecary jars as I think these fit in with the candy store. As there is no Aqua candy in Australia I sourced out a lot of her candy from America, the aqua shimmer gumballs were divine. All put together under my pink and white candy stripe canopy, with aqua gingham lolly bags and pink scales.

Fresh Fruit
Its not very often you see that much fruit at a kids party hahaha  This stand was very fun to create and it actual got the kids eating fruit. I wanted the children to be able to choose their own fruit to make a fruit salad and that they did. I market each wooden crate with chalk “5c Apples” I covered one of my stands in heshian to give it a more rustic feel, I had wooden bowl and spoons for the kids to eat their fruit. Loads of Fun.

Lemonade Stand:
Another stand that we made and I painted was this one. I had two drink dispensers filled with homemade lemonade and pink grapefruit. I sourced out blue mason jars and the kids cups and topped off with pink paper straws. As it was outside, there was no need to worry about the mess. The kids loved lining up at the lemonade stand to pour their own drinks. As it was right next to the children’s table and chairs it was very easy for them to refill. All in all it was a great day for my family. Like any mother that throws a party at home it is a little stressful. Im can be super organized (at times) and I had my check lists leading up to her special day. I got there in the end. This year I really made a point of enjoying her party, last years birthday I must admit I didn’t I spent the whole day running around, cleaning up and missed out chatting to all our guests. This year I really made a point that once all my food was served that was it I was done. We also had pony rides so being able to sit and enjoy her excitement on the horses was the best. I think that ill be doing this every year its my new pac to myself. The mess wont go anywhere but the day quickly ticks on so don’t miss out.

Styling and cake by Boutique Affairs -
Cookies by Kiss My Cakes -  
Invitation by Emma Smith Event Stationary -
Flowers by The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie -
Photography by Lee Bird Photography-

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