Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Adding a little 2 bites sweetness to your Christmas table

Catherine said: There is something about a gingerbread house that screams Christmas. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint what makes gingerbread so special. Whether it’s that wonderful spice aroma that fills the home, the laughter and creativity that your children display when decorating gingerbread or the anticipation and build up to Christmas Day when everyone can enjoy the flavour and find what treats are hidden beneath the roof. What I especially love about making a gingerbread house is the coming together of family and friends and sharing my love of baking.

In saying that I would love to share my love for baking with you and inspire you to bake and create your own creative gingerbread house. Due to gingerbread becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, there are many kits available that include templates and premixes. Aldi, Ikea, Myer and major grocery chains have these kits available but most gingerbread recipes have basic ingredients and most of which are staples in your pantry. You can Google a ‘gingerbread recipe’ and choose one that suits your tastes. I use a recipe with other spices which includes equal cinnamon and ginger – my children love this recipe and it creates a beautiful colour!

You can also search ‘gingerbread template’ on Google images and choose your preferred size and shape. Special gingerbread house cutters are also available from specialty cake decorating stores. I would also recommend making your gingerbread house over two days. Day one for baking of the pieces, allowing them to cool and day two for the assembly and final decorations.

The recipe of this amazing {Gingerbread House} was featured in the Christmas edition of My Little Jedi Online Magazine. Click here to view it. Enjoy x

Article written by Catherine Graetz www.2bites.com.au
Gingerbread DIY tutorual by Catherine Graetz 
Photography by www.natalieboog.com

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