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{yummy mummy Jayde} from Little Paper Lane

{Stationary Lust} is how I would describe today’s guest post.

I would love to introduce the fabulous {stationery-a-holic} Jayde, the owner of a lovely paper boutique called Little Paper Lane, in Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Jayde's biggest dream was to open her own paper store and this dream finally came to reality in May this year. Jayde turned her life long passion for paper into a beautiful and inspiring shop. Little paper lane is where Jayde can gleefully revel in her passion for paper and then share it with all of us.

The range is full of whimsical paper creations handpicked from all around the world. Little paper Lane is definitely a one stop shop for anything paper from gift tags, greeting cards, journals, wrapping paper, invitations even beautiful decorative sticky tapes and notes. It’s a dream come true for any stationery lover and has got to be the sweetest stationery/paper shop I’ve ever seen!!

Inspired by Jayde’s unmistakable style, here’s a little sneak peek of her amazing store. Enjoy the whimsical world of paper with Little Paper Lane.

I would like to thank the ever so wonderful Jayde for not only being our special guest blogger and sponsor but for supporting {my little jedi} from the very start. You are amazing Jayde! Make yourself a cups of tea and enjoy Jayde's amazing story which i am sure you love just as much as i do. xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind “Little Paper Lane”?
I am forever a dreamer, and always in search of an adventure! I am a Sagittarius so its only natural! I have been married for 6years to a very LOUD Canadian, and a very proud Mummy to my little man Iggy who is 3 and half. I am obsessed with stationery and all things paper, and its has been my biggest dream and adventure to open my little shop!

When did you launch your business & blog?
The shop opened May 20th this year, and I started my blog in about June….I am still getting used to the blogging bit, but the shop is meant to be!

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work? My passion for stationery that I have always had…I cant remember a time when I didn’t love it….basically gave me the drive to start the shop! It was always in my head but only really became a big thought last year when I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful a whole shop of unique paper products in the area I live would be I was probably doing it for more selfish reasons cos I just wanted to be surrounded by paperery goodness, and it has just grown so much more into finding products for my customer to gush about and love!

So many things inspire me though, the products themselves inspire me they are so beautiful and fun and just keep me smiling! Any woman that has even started her own business and had the guts to do it inspires me….I absolutely love every bit of the business so that in itself just keeps me going! Except Tax…I hate tax haha If you are passionate about something I think that is the perfect tool to use when it comes to business! As longs as I love its guts, then I will keep doing it….and I have never ever not loved stationery!

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
Just seeing people when they come into the shop and look around and smile or loose their breath cos they love it all, it’s a great feeling and it is very calming cos it means I did the right thing by opening the shop! Its scary starting a business so the fact the customers keep coming back and smiling is so rewarding!

Whats your favourite product from your store (choose at least one please ;)
Pear memo pads….of coarse :)

What are your long term goals for your business?

We are trying to get our website on the move so we can have an online store up and running next year! There will be many things in the future of Little Paper Lane…I have never stopped dreaming so I am sure some little idea will pop into my head That I just have to do!

Do you have a favourite colour palette that you absolutely love ?
Ohhhhh I wish I just had a nice easy colour palette, but colour is very much a huge part of who I am….I have been a makeup artist since I was 20 and playing with colour is all part of the fun! I like to surround myself with so many colours but for some reason I wear a lot of black…I think being a Mum to my lil man requires black! There is always mess! My favourite colour this year has been duckegg blues, and aqua’s….but the years before that was hot pinks. I generally like neutral colours with such vibrant colours though….but this changes from day to day!

Are you finding the social networking sites like facebook and your blog driving most of your business? Because I am an actual shop, the people in my area have really been a huge network cos they seems to just know everyone and send everyone in. But places like facebook and twitter have started to generate a lot of business!

I had lady in Brisbane that was a fan on Facebook and she called her friend after we had just opened that lived 5 minutes from my shop to tell her about it! So the Brisbane lady knew we were here but the lady that is in the same suburb didn’t and she came running in!! I love that about facebook, its so accessable and there are seriously not that many people who are not on facebook now so its been fantastic, and I have met lovely people like yourself on there and found very very cute products! Its so wonderful.

Name 3 of your favourite blogs?

and of coarse yours…..but that is obvious!!!

What is your day to day like?
Wake up when Iggy wakes me….as late as possible….normally like 8:30…we are sleeperinera’s…I wouldn’t have it any other way.Coffee and getting ready with Iggy.Drop Iggy to Kindy, or kiss n cuddle for way too long if he is staying at home with Daddy.

Hi five husbo…cos kissing boys is gross ewwww ;). Drive to shop. In the shop from 10-5:30 then drive home.cook din din’s. sit on my butt and watch Simpsons with Iggy while Daddy cleans up. Iggy bath, play, story…another story, and tries another story normally about Thomas the tank, then couch with laptop, emails, orders, searching, facebook twitter,emails, reaseraching products,cup o tea, facebook, watching Tv in between husbo is always asleep by like 9 so usually tell him to stop snoring a few times and go to bed…he never does, then by like 12 it ‘s bed time and my brain thinks about what I can create for my front window or a million other things, sometimes I wont be on the computer and I will be making cute little paper things for the shop, tonight I was wrapping boxes in our store Xmas theme for my window I will be doing this weekend! So basically my day involves everything I love.

What is your favourite place in the world?
So far New York City and my couch with foxtel and my laptop and Iggy and the loud Canadian….but I will love anywhere I am or go as long as I have my little family….and my iphone….cos I couldn’t deal with life with out it ;)







Little Paper Lane ~ Shop 5/1 Waratah St, Mona Vale 2103

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  1. Just read through your blog Vesna and I had to make a comment about Jayde because she is my daughter and each day she amazes me with her talents. She has done what 90% of the population would love to do and that is to follow their dreams. She has turned her dream into reality. Jayde has always been her own person and has always done it her way and that is what makes her so unique. I love her dearly, she is my bestest buddy. Thanks for doing such a great story on Little Paper Lane.

  2. looks like an amazing little shop!
    please stop by my blog. I have an adorable giveaway by chic pretties..Open to international

  3. Karyn thanks so much for stopping by and you should be very proud of your amazing daughter.. Jayde has such a beautiful soul and unbelievable talent! I cant wait to meet her in person xx :)


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