Monday, 1 November 2010

colour my world...

Confetti System is the result of a collaboration between two fabuloys artists, Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, who have a shared love of craft-making. These amazing handmade tassel garlands & pinatas have caused both children and adults to wee in excitement and have single handedly brought party decorations to a whole new level. Each paper garland & pinata is lovingly handcrafted, cut, tied, sewn and uniquely perfected.

Let’s have a party. Heck, no need for a party. Just toss these up and liven up any space. Bright, fun and colorful – confetti system transforms simple and mundane materials like tissue paper, cardboard and silk into interactive objects. Doesn’t that sound divine? I am sold!

{images via here}

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  1. oh I just saw this....what a gorgeous idea...gees you hava good eye x


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