Sunday, 7 November 2010

where a girl goes ~ “stationary heaven”

Cristina Re launched her new concept store, ‘Where a Girl Goes’ in Collingwood, Melbourne. Offering the complete range of beautiful Cristina Re designer stationery, accessories, plus confectionery, home décor, fashion and more, Cristina’s exquisite new concept store offers a truly unique shopping experience for stylish women with an eye for style and taste for the finer things with all the trimmings.

Celebrate love, throw a lavish engagement party or plan the wedding of your dreams. With a boutique collection of designer papers, accessories and tools, plus an equally blissful selection of sweet delights, the Cristina Re store is the ultimate indulgent destination. It’s where a girl goes to create her own invitations at the in-store papercraft academy. It’s where a girl goes for high tea with friends, to indulge and delight over a cup of coffee and exquisite cupcakes, macarons and chocolates. Pure indulgence! xx

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  1. Ohhhh! How i'd LOVE to go & spend an hour {or several} in her store! GORGEOUS!!! Next time I'm in VICTORIA....I'm heading straight there :)


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