Sunday, 16 January 2011

lovely to meet you...

Adventurous. Delightful. Exciting!

This is how I would describe my weekend. Where can I start, well I had a fabulous weekend away, I escaped to Melbourne with my sister-in-law Suzanna {Mon Tresor}. We had a horrendous flight experience on the way to Melbourne. I didn’t know what we were thinking flying with Tiger airways…never again! We didn’t even step a foot in the airport but lets not go into details lol ;)
We arrived at the hotel soaking wet and after a little rest we were super excited and started getting ready to meet all the lovelies at the gorgeous {Emerald Peacock} bar. I was love-struck with the divine interior, gorgeous peacock-themed wallpaper and each space within the venue is slightly different, with eclectic fabrics and furnishings combining to create a decadent, moody feel.

The long anticipated wait was over after meeting up at the hotel with the lovely Niki from Candy Soirees and Thetis from Little Sooti. Shortly after we met the rest of the glamour gang and all I can say is that everyone looked absolutely glam/chic/stylish!

I felt nervous and almost like going on a first date…the feeling of butterflies in the stomach didn’t last very long as the girls were super friendly and made the whole experience very casual and relaxed. I would like to thank Penny from P.S I love you for organizing the event and for the delicious goodie bags. I also met the lovely Mirela from Melli Designs, Katie from Theodoremade, Nat from Petite Bijou, Linda from Shoot4u, Penny from Mini Style, Lea from Willow Tree Creative Services, Georgia from Norman by house, Jessica from Adorro Impressons, Louisa from Little Big Company and Scott and Alia from White Wall Photography.

I loved chatting to every single person in our group, I met couple of new lovely talented people who share a passion for the same things that I do. I feel very fortunate and honored to have met so many amazingly talented people and I cant wait for our next catch up.

Lovely to meet you all!

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  1. it was so lovely to meet you Vesna ..looking forward to catching up again sometime..had so much fun xx

  2. It was a pleasure and such a wonderful night! Next trip we are all Sydney bound :-)

  3. Imagine if we ran our businesses the way some airline companies operate! Well, so glad you all had fun - I would have been soooo nervous about what an earth I would wear! What a glamourous setting - it seems like another world compared to our little beach town lifestyle! I am off to check out some of these ladies' work, so thanks for the links. Jane:)


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