Monday, 10 January 2011

love me tender...

February is the love month. And having Valentine’s Day just around the corner ~ one more day that every family has a legitimate excuse to consume way too much chocolate … and to throw around a whole lot of “I Love You’s!”

Whether you’re partnered or loving life as a party of one, February serves as a gentle reminder that, not only is love all around us, but there are also plenty of people, places, and things to love, care for. Valentines day is all about celebration…the LOVE of your life, the LOVE of your family, the LOVE of … well, honestly? Just LOVE!! xx

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  1. What a sweet post - I think Valentines Day is lovely:) Jane

  2. i love V- day..lovely post sweetie xx

  3. Oh my, I need to just get through January lol. Cute stuff here.

  4. I enjoyed your whole blog, all so yummy! i'm a new blogger n baker, how do u design a blog, n i have a nikon coolpix camera but i still do take good pictures of my foodies.


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