Monday, 27 September 2010

i dream of vintage...

So it seems that the vintage vibe is making a move into the interiors world! It is no longer trendy to just simply wear vintage, now it is fashionable to decorate with vintage in mind as well. The latest trend in interiors is to create the antique look within your home, and this isn’t limited to any particular room in the house, the look can be applied to any room.

The fact that antique or vintage, whichever you want to call it, has become fashionable means good news all round, as it is possible to pick up some bargains when shopping for items to create this look. This particular theme embraces second hand items, which is always good when living in economic conditions such as we are at the moment.

When it comes to the bedroom a good investment for this look, is a vintage style dresser. This can add a hint of class and sophistication to a bedroom, and is particularly good if it is a girl’s room as it adds a feminine touch.

The vintage look created within each room can of course be enhanced through the use of accessories and soft furnishings. Things such as lamps, mirrors, even figurines, and in the case of the bedroom jewellery boxes can really add to the vintage feel. So before you go and start throwing anything out stop and think twice, it may be just the thing you need to create this look. xx

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE.......*sigh* maybe when the kids are older ;)

  2. I love the frame montage! Must steal that idea. I just love vintage!

  3. Oh ladies, I am in a hope that one day i will be able to decorate my dream house with a vintage feel :) xx

  4. LOVE all the above photographs. Maybe one day xx *sigh*

  5. Classic taste doesn't date, it's gorgeous, love Posie


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