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meet {yummy mummy} Jen

I am in love with Jen’s beautiful collection of custom made invitations and I’m thrilled that Jen is taking part if our {yummy mummy} guest post. In addition to a successful business and blog, Jen is a graphic designer and fitness instructor with plenty on her plate. Jennifer Birkhead Designs collection carries a range of custom made invitations for Kids birthdays, Baby Shower, Birth Announcements, and Wedding Invitations.

Jen’s middle name is attention to detail, having said that she loves to design products that help you celebrate life’s special occasions in style. I am totally in love with the recent baby shower event that Jen styled for her lovely friend. Everything looks absolutely amazing. {take a look at the images below}. Jen also shares her inspirations, favourite trends and her love for Cadbury ;) {which I can also relate}.

Enjoy xx

Tell us a little about YOU, the woman behind Jennifer Birkhead Design?

I am a proud Mummy to two gorgeous girls Ella and April (4 and 1) and wife to a spunky man who has been my husband for 6 years.I have two careers - I am a trained graphic designer and have a Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography.I am also a fitness instructor and teach 7-8 classes of RPM and BodyPump a week.I am passionate about both :)
I am a night owl, which goes hand in hand with being WAHM and has lead to a continued coffee addiction that started in uni ;)
I like to see the glass half full but believe that having a good cry every now and then is good for the soul :)

When did you launch your business/website/blog?
I started my Facebook page and blog back in March this year. Then my website launched in August, just last month!

What was your inspiration for starting your own business & who/what inspires your work?
A friend suggested I should make a business out of what I was already doing for friends and family. I have been doing freelance design from home since leaving the 9 – 5 workforce but concentrating on invitations is something new I have always loved theming parties and since having my girls I have become a little more obsessed by it ;) So they are my inspiration but I am also inspired by so many of the other talented people out there!

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
Being a designer is about answering a brief so obviously I love it when I “nail it” and make a client happy and proud of what I have created for them.

What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
I would have to say the compliments and attention for the recent baby shower I styled and design for. I was blown away! It was a double blessing because I was being recognised by peers and fans but most importantly I was able to create a wonderful occasion for a very dear friend. {please see images of Jen's friend baby shower below - well done lovely}

Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?
Still wearing the headband I bought from Mon Tresor all the time and always have compliments on it :)

What are your long term goals for your business?
So far it has grown somewhat organically but now I’ve gotten to the stage I’m at there is a little more planning and strategy involved. I would love for my brand to be a recognisable one in the world of kid’s parties and the next challenge is weddings

What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling online?
Make sure you do some planning and research to find the best way for you to do this, whether it be your own website or something like etsy – this will depend on your product.

Name three brands you couldn’t live without? and why?
Asics – I found through trial and error that these are the best shoes for me when instructing.
Mac - I don’t/can’t do PCs ;)
Cadbury ;)

Do you have a favourite trend?
Loving the ornate hair accessories at the moment

What is your favourite place in the world?
If we’re being glamourous I’d say Paris…*sigh* ~ If we are being true to heart I’d say wherever my family is, as corny as it sounds it rings so very true :)

If you could be a super hero or cartoon character who would it be? (this one is just for s a bit of fun) ~ Lara Croft for SURE she kicks ass!





Thanks Jen xx

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  1. Love Jennifer Birkhead Designs, great interview xx

  2. Lovely to get to know you a little more Jen. It's amazing how a small amount of personal information immediately allows you to see the person behind the logo! You are an amazing woman and I feel honoured to have had you custom design for my girls. Love the interview!

  3. Great interview Jen ... You are so lovely xxx

  4. Wow Jen you sound Like Superwoman....amazing interview and very inspiring to other business her work!

  5. Thanks Lovelies, I love having Jen as a part of our guest blogger.. She is very inspirational and its so nice to give a little insight of Jen's designs to all our lovely readers :)

  6. Awww you girls are very sweet :) Thanks for having me Vesna, that was fun!! :)

  7. great interview Jen ...your inspirational women xxx

  8. brilliant interview Jen. I am definitely one of your most happy customers. People are still raving about Hamish and Lachie's invitations :)

  9. Thanks Mirela xx
    Oh wow Jen, that's so nice to hear, thank you :)

  10. Lovely interview. Always inspirational Jen. Beautiful work will always be recognized. Well done xx


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