Thursday, 23 September 2010

I heart ART party

I am totally in love with this {art} party theme! It’s the little details that make or break a party and I just love how they have used the right amount of pop colours as well as a huge dose of white to keep everything bright and crisp. How sweet is the photo of the giant red balloon & the display all of the little artist profile pictures for the parents to view at the gallery showing.

An art party is perfect for a creative child. Have fun with it! xx

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  1. LOVE!!!! Great theme for my Ella, she is a very creative little thing :)

  2. Oh Jen you can do a fabulous job with this party theme.. i will be looking out ;) xx

  3. Love this and you won't believe the nephew asked me if I can come up with an ART party for his 8th birthday in thank soooooo much for the inpiration xx


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