Saturday, 15 May 2010

Adore Vintage

I've always been told I have an old soul and sometimes think I was born in the wrong century, or at least a couple decades too late. I love all things vintage, particularly the fashion & decor of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. I've always loved history, maybe that's why I like things from other centuries so much more. I have a passion for vintage textiles, crafts and eclectic accessories. Eventually this "passion" turned into obsession and that’s how my latest “adore vintage” collection began. I have a great appreciation for elegant, glamour, chandeliers, silk chairs and vintage couture. Yesterday i went to this shabby chic market at Cronulla, purchased few vintage stands for my cards, i was so excited that when i got home i could not resist but take some pictures and share them with you.
I find vintage images to be so charming & inspiring! Like for example these little illustrations by "The little humbugs" that i found on etsy. Aren't they cute? I just wanted to share them with you today.
But let's be serious here - I don't live in a time-warp. I do love hip hop & rock music, have heard of Justin Bieber, carry an iPhone and am addicted to the internet and all the inspiration and glorious shopping opportunities it brings.
So since vintage inspired cards are such a delight, check out - ‘My little jedi’ – ‘Adore Vintage’ Collection
These cards are only $5 each, so please hurry and place your order ~ send me an email xx

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  1. Cute cards!! Yes, i could certainly have lived happily 60 years ago, i'm an Army wife with a husband away at war, love sewing & have a large family. Happy to be a housewife, bake & do the washing. I think i would still have wanted my Uni degrees though, might have to have been pushy about that one. I do adore old fashioned ways, family values & handmade goodness, ahhhhh . . . my parents had me last/ later in life, they married in 1955 & this is how they raised me, in a time warp to 1975. It worked, we're all totally wholesome, educated & have big families, but family first & all very creative, love Posie

  2. Love the little vintage cards! so cute!
    yes i agree with you I love the vintage, 1940's era especially :) Those markets were fabulous, with lots of little treasures and goodies!

  3. I totally agree with you Posie, the life back then it was lot more simple yet more enjoyable. I grew up in Europe, parents were at work and i was raised by my grandmother. She thought me that family values and respect towards older people are very important. That’s how I want to raise my children. xx

  4. Thanks Suz, i adore this range.. Cant wait to showcase these designs on saturday.. And yet we def need to go back to the markets at cronulla and get some more goodies.. x

  5. love the images, right up my alley! x

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment Wynona, i love your designs xx


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