Wednesday, 5 May 2010

5 ways to spoil mum on Mother’s Day x

Simple things are always the best.
1. Let Mum sleep in – even giving Mum a sleep in until 8am would be greatly appreciated, if she is used to being up between 5am-6am every day!
2. While Mum is sleeping in, get her breakfast in bed – (get Dad to help).
3. Pack a picnic and head to the beach or to the park for lunch – you could pack some homemade sandwiches or buy something from the local shops.
4. Give mum a handmade Mother’s Day Card – a simple drawing and message becomes a treasure to keep for years to come! – check out my little jedi mothers day cards x
5. Finally don’t let Mum do any washing, cleaning or even make the beds on Mother’s Day -
Dad can do these things for the day!
Make sure your mum has a fabulous day!
Happy Mother’s Day xx

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