Thursday, 13 May 2010

Truly Smitten

Perfect mix of retro style and modern feel, "my little jedi" brings "rough & tough for the boys and sweet & pretty for the girls.

Retro Race – Ready Set Go! Start your engines and let the race begin!This retro inspired card is for a fast moving party! 

Kobi the Robot - Set your dial to “party” and your program to “Fun” and enjoy playing in space with Kobi the Robot!

Little Red Riding Hood - Ones upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a tiny village near a great big forest. She always wore a red riding cloak and became known as Little Red Riding Hood!

Pretty Polly - Sweet and petite, this “Pretty Polly” card is the perfect finishing touch for your party. All little birds love a tweet (or treat) at the end of a party!

For any questions & enquiries about this collection please send me an email on

Love to hear your feedback xx

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  1. love pretty polly and the robots how cute@!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Krissy xx

  3. They are cute! Love the birdie!
    And I have just done a topper in the EXACT same red riding hood! :)

  4. hehe i love the red riding hood card it looks so pretty in real life..

  5. It would look great for a perty! The card plus the cupcake topper! I'll take a pic soon! lol!

  6. great minds think alike lol ;) yes we should sell them as a set :)

  7. love your little red riding hood card! little girls (and big girls can never get enough of her!)


  8. Oh yes, knew Corrie would love Red Riding Hood, we're both nuts over the Japanese fabrics with the same theme. Lovely work, love Posie

  9. Oh thanks Posie, i love Japanese paper & fabrics. We all have similar obsession :) x


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