Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Calling out all fashionistas!

Hey there, Upper East Siders, 'My little jedi' gossip’s here. Blair, Serena and Jenny have been spotted all over the Upper East Side wearing some of the coolest fashions.
Blair - sugar & sweet on the outside, evil on the inside - makes for a fabulously royal wardrobe fit for a frost princess. Queen B, her signature style is preppy and classic.
Serena - a slightly edgy take on Upper East Side classy - perfect for a blonde bad-girl-gone-good.
Jenny - a freshman from downtown Soho, who tries to fit in with the wealthy kids from New York’s Upper East Side.

From the very first episode I watched, I was hooked. I loved nearly every piece of clothing & accessories that Serena and Blair wore on the show. Gossip Girl is an unbelievably fashionable and addictive show, tailor-made for fashionistas! This blog post is for all of you who follow Gossip Girl every week for wardrobe inspiration.

If you’re not familiar with the TV series, it is based on the lives of high school/college students from the Upper East Side of New York City. The show pretty much resembles a catwalk full of designer clothes. The main characters, Blair Waldrof, Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey wear brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel and many more in every episode. With a perfect mixture of edginess, drama, and sexiness the show exploded into the pop culture consciousness and the characters and plot just gets better and better.
I love the show so much that I religiously watch it every week & I cant wait for season 4 to come out. *cries*
You know you love me xoxo

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  1. My FAVOURITE show of ALL time. Glad you got hooked on it too!
    How will I wait until season 4? LOVED what blair was wearing on the finale xoxo

  2. Love it, love it, love it! I was so looking forward to every Tuesday to watch the show.. i miss it so much! i hope season 4 comes out at the end this year & i hope Chuck is ok...he has to be! Otherwise the show wont be the same without him! xoxo

  3. I pray that Chuck is ok! OMG, he belongs with Blair! and Jenny can star far far away!!

  4. Jenny had to spoil it! Chuck was going to propose! And the ring was so gorgeous..


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