Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh my so sweet...

Check out 4 new gorgeous collections, made by 'My little jedi"...
~ You’re a Doll I Mini Bimbles I Into the Wild I I Robot ~

- You’re a Doll Collection ~ Let me introduce cute as a button Matryoshka dolls ~ Misha, Oksana, Katya and Daroda!
- Into the Wild Collection ~ Lets go on a safari voyage with Owlive and Hootie Hoo!
- I Robot Collection ~ Set your dial to “Party” and your program to “Fun” and enjoy playing with Bender and Rusty!
- Mini Bimble Collection ~ Meet the 6 cutest mini bimbles Gaga, Yoshi, Mika, Boo, Kobi and Lilo!

For any enquiries or questions about the collections please drop me an email on I would love to hear your thoughts xx

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  1. Ah I hope your on skout trade fair or on my facebook there's definitely things here I'd want to put in my blog :) thanks for following!!

  2. Hi, i am on skout i just sent you a friend request and i am also HUGE fan on your facebook page. Let me know which card you can feature on your lovely blog. Many thanks Vesna xo

  3. Hi Vesna,
    Im glad you love my fun fair "jungle animals" too.
    You will have to show me some of your cards.


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