Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Vintage Truck Dessert Table

Today i came across this gorgeous blog called {Whipper Berry} and i fell in love instantly! Who knew a party on the back of a truck could be so glamorous. There are so many things i love about this party, i dont know where to start! Well, it's no secret that the palette of lemon and dove grey is one of my favourite which has been applied to this dessert table beautifully. I absolutely adore the fabric chandelier and banner which has given the truck a touch of vinty glamour. There's just something about sugared pears, they always look so beautiful especially against that vintage tiered stand. For more details about this amazing vintage truck party, visit {whipper berry} blog. Enjoy xx

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  1. Amazing! Such great colour choices!

  2. One of my faves too due to my old skool truck crush!

  3. Oh my stars! Totally blushing!! Thanks for the blog love.


  4. So glad you liked it too :)

  5. So fantastic!!!! I loved your blog! Congratulations! xoxo


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