Monday, 4 April 2011

keep calm and hop away...

Sometimes, I think back on the way I passed the time away as a child and the games i used to play. Today I came across these amazing rugs designs that remind me of my old school yard. How can anyone not smile at this luxurious hopscotch chalk print wool rugs, a clever design by Italian-based A/R Studio that will satisfy your inner child. Humm, I think I need one! ;)

{Italian A/C studio rug}

{Maisons du monde rug}

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  1. Oh my goodness I am MADLY in love with bedroom #4!!!! The rug is also absolutely gorgeous and I want one! Can you buy from Oz?

  2. What a great idea!! I love them!!!

  3. How gorgeous... it's so lovely... like a princess' bedroom
    ah, I'm following you...
    brazilian hugs

  4. i love the little girls bed!! WOW!!

    Im a new follower

  5. I am your newest blog follower!!! I LOVE all your ideas, and that hop scotch rug is simply amazing! My daughters first birthday is coming up and that would be a great addition to her bedroom!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful content.Nice article and great photos. Very nicely done! I really love these wool rugs !

  7. I love this idea! Very unique and fun :)

  8. hi i'm ur new follower via 'kara's party ideas':my favorite printable is the 'vintage chic printables'-for the giveaway! You can find me at

  9. Love this idea of a hopscotch mat. So much fun for the kids at any time. x


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