Saturday, 7 August 2010

{wrap me}

I adore a pretty package anytime of the year, but it’s especially when I package gifts to give to my loved ones. Even the simplest of gifts can leave a lasting impression when you get creative with great gift wrap. I guess here at ‘my little jedi’ we have started the opposite way from designing super cute ‘gift tags’, recently we added into our collection the most adorable ‘divine twine’ and now I would like to present a unique collection of wrapping paper which will be available at ‘my little jedi’ very soon. This gorgeous gift wrapping paper will add a touch of whimsy to any gift. All of the gift wraps will be double-sided, printed with bright unique patterns.
Here is a 'sneak peak'!

There is nothing sweeter than a pretty little bow inviting you to open a package! This amazing ‘Divine Twine’ comes in 8 new flavors of color: Orange, Lemon, Aqua, Black Licorice, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Cherry and Oyster Grey! What a lovely touch and nice little surprise, so many uses besides the obvious! This gorgeous range of divine twine is now available at 'my little jedi'.

For a stylish touch, adorn your gifts with these lovely gift tags & write a sweet note for someone special! They would instantly enhance the value of the gift.
its simple ~ WRAP :: TWINE :: TAG ~

{personalized gift tags available at 'my little jedi}


{Photos by Urbanic}
I love wrapping my gifts with brown paper and decorating them with doilies. The delicate, lace-like look of the doilies gives it a classic appeal and makes a wonderful striking impression.
More details about the gift wrapping paper collection will be available very soon.
If you have any questions please send me a note on xx

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  1. Oh my god....I'm in love with it all....just love your style. BEAUTIFUL xx

  2. Thanks Niki, this project has been in the making for a while, im glad its all coming together nicely xx :)

  3. Gorgeous! All very gorgeous!!!!!! xx

  4. I love your wrapping paper, will be keeping a close eye on this one!

  5. Thanks Jen and Melinda for your lovely comments. i will keep you posted when the stock arrives :) xx

  6. Thanks Kris, cant wait for the stock to arrive, looks gorgeous x

  7. Love pretty wrapping{GORGEOUS}I especially the bottom image..i love brown paper with pretty diolies on them too XX

  8. All so lovely! So many gorgeous wrapping ideas. I get more excited about that than the actual presant!

  9. Oooh I love gift wrapping too....even more so than the actual shopping for the gift :) All of your photos are stunning....I'm also a big fan of Kraft Paper wrappings with twine & pretty :) Can't wait to see your wrapping paper in store :) xo

  10. These wraping and tags are sooooooo gorgeous! And I love the twine! What a great idea to combine brown paper and doilies. I always have both in my home so will have to try that on the next present I wrap!

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies, i will keep posted when the gorgeous wrapping paper is in store. More twine coming next week so its all happening in the world of 'my little jedi' hehe so many exciting ideas not enough time :)

  12. So pretty - love all on your blog :-)

  13. i'm so happy you have become a follower, i've just popped over to yours and love love love it........i adore paper and i'm all about the packaging when gifts are given etc......i'm a new follower also and love your blog lisa

  14. This is just so pretty! can't wait to get my hand on those pretty colourful twine. Just a quick question, do you only sell in etsy? is there any other place that I buy it from you with AUD instead of USD? LOVE your blog by the way! x nattie


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