Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Levi's Aeroplane Party

I am super excited to share with my readers Levi’s 2nd birthday party created by his very talented mum Jordan from {Polkadots Prints Studio}. Every last detail has been taken into account and I love everything about it ~ decorations, table set up, party favors. So much work and planning has gone into this party I can only imagine how many months of preparation it must have taken. I just love the orange and turquoise palette, just divine!

I have to say my favourite element of this party is the the super cute chocolate 'fly' clouds and the milk carton lollie bags.

{We are so delighted that our divine twine was used in this gorgeous party. And here are few other lovelies who helped out with the party:

Chris from Celebrations at home

Amy Moss from
Eat Drink Chic
Lovely Liz

Enjoy xx

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