Saturday, 19 June 2010

Doily Love

I created this collection from my admiration of doilies. After a while my admiration turned into obsession and I found myself thinking i should perhaps incorporate these gorgeous doilies into my latest collection. Some people might view them as old-fashioned and boring but these lacey round friends can be quite practical as you can give them a fresh creative spin, even trendy.

I just love the delicate, lace-like look of the doilies gives it a classic appeal and makes a wonderful striking impression. And that is how “Doily Love” Collection was born. After this post I am hoping that you may just start rummaging through the attic or hitting the local markets to find some dollies that you can bring forward into 2010. Show a little doily love xx

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  1. Cute cards and love the new blog layout!

  2. love love love the doily graphic! x

  3. Thanks heaps Claire, im in love with doilies at the moment :)


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