Thursday, 24 June 2010

Charmed, I'm sure!

Charmed, I'm sure. Your little one will absolutely love these gorgeous love heart, adorable pink deer & sweet cupcake necklaces. With all that dazzle she'll be delighted to wear any chance she gets!
Oh so sweet shiny pink fawn & sweet resin cupcake on a oh so simple silver ball chain for the perfect combination of pretty little goodness.

Styles available: Soft Pink Cupcake, Hot Pink Cupcake & Pink Deer
(Fawn measures 30 mm × 18 mm × 4 mm and ball chain is 18" long)
(Cupcake measures 30 mm × 25 mm × 5 mm and ball chain is 18" long)

rrp $13.95
You will fall in love all over again! These love heart necklaces with rhinestones are oh so cute and pretty with a little heart tag on the back which says "LOVE".

Colour available: Grey, Dark Grey, Purple, Dark Purple, Pink, Dark Pink, Soft Lemon, Off White
(measures ball chain is 16" long)
rrp $13.95

For any enquiries send me an xx

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  1. loving thos cupcake necklaces!!! adding them to blog feature list... (this list is so long)

  2. Haha Thanks lovely.. i cant wait to see them on your blog x


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