Sunday, 27 June 2010

Delightfully quirky cards

I have a weakness for quirky greeting cards, unusual note cards and old-fashioned notebooks. I love quirky and cute rather than cliché and predictable.
My latest collection is a perfect mix of fun and quirky. These cards feature hand drawn designs that are off beat and stand out from the crowd. They are sweet & fun, if you like a design you can even put it in a picture frame!
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The online world is such an incredible resource full of eye-candy and inspiration. I’ve come to appreciate the quirkier styles, leaning toward the cute, unusual, creative and just plain fun and this is how my latest collection of greeting cards “Quirky is my new best friend” was born. I hope you find as much delight and joy in the quirky world of My little jedi as I do! x
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  1. These are soooooo cute! I love quirky too.

  2. Thank for the lovely comments Janette. My latest collection is my fav :)

  3. what a lovely collection - they are really adorable!

  4. Thanks Veronica, you are vert sweet x

  5. Wonderful collection Vesna, well done!! xx

  6. Thank you so much Thetis, you are very kind xx

  7. gorgeous collection...i was glad you visited my site the other day and i look forward to chatting with you some more soon..loving your blog too and your designs - very talented women you are XXX

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your new collection of cards is very cute.


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