Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Oh my handmade goodness!

Every couple of days, Etsy posts an interview with in a different seller. Few weeks ago they listed a post about ‘Reasons to buy handmade’. I really liked this post because it's something I believe in as well as something in which I'm personally involved and invested, I wanted to share it with all of you.

~ 3 reasons to buy handmade ~

* It’s handmade. This means someone actually took the time to personalize something and put their blood and sweat into it.
* Buying handmade usually means you are helping the artists of the world to continue their existence. More artists mean more free thinkers, more activists!
* The best part about buying handmade is that you usually get a chance to have a personal connection to the object and the artist. Buying a handmade item shows your willingness to be a part of a community and your eagerness to contribute to a greater cause.
Thank you for supporting handmade x

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  1. Hi Mumma Jedi,
    I agree, love handmade stuff. Better than the mass produced stuff that all your neighbours have! Except Bonds of course!

  2. yes definately handmade all the way :)

  3. Hi there volleyball widow, thanks for the kind words..

    p.s Do you work for Bonds as well? :)

  4. I agree and more original too!


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