Thursday, 22 April 2010

how dear to the heart is a mother like you!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. My little boy Aniken is too young to organize anything and my husband needs a bit of ‘nudge’ in the present’s department. If I want to wake up on the day with a present I can genuinely enthuse and rave about, then I better leave a list of things I really want lying around somewhere obvious.

Show your mum how much you love her and give her a gorgeous & unique personalized card made with love by ‘my little jedi’.
Both my Mum and Grandma have made things since they were young and taught me things along the way as I grew up. In my opinion, encouraging creativity in children is essential and being able to pass the things that I learned on to my kids someday makes me extremely happy!
Please share anything that you have personally made for you mum! xx

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