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Meet yummy mummy Shelley of {Lime Tree Kids}

Today i have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the most inspirational mums I have ever met through the blogosphere. I would like you to meet our new blog sponsor, the amazing Shelley Mason, the master mind behind {Lime Tree Kids}. Shelley began her journey with her husband and in 2007 they travelled to Taiwan to collect and bring home their son from Taiwan.

Shelley goal was find the best educational toys that would enhance her son’s experience of self-esteem, bring him joy and laughter and help them form a very special bond. Her labour of love covered many and varied products and she now has a passion to share all of her finds with us through Lime Tree Kids.

This is how Shelley described her business - Lime Tree Kids is a collection of Unique and Quality Made items. Each item has been handpicked because of its usefulness , creativity, developmental & emotional encouragement and general fun – ness !

I would like to thank Shelley for sharing her amazing story with our lovely readers. You are truly amazing! Enjoy the interview xx

1.When did you launch your business/blog and what is the inspiration behind your business?
I launched Lime Tree Kids in February this year, although it seems much much longer ago , we are only 5 months old.

2.Who and what inspires your work?
The inspiration for my business is my son (I know, terribly cliché, but its true) .. Here’s why. My son was adopted from Taiwan and had a traumatic beginning. He was experiencing massive emotional issues, learning delays and hyperactivity issues along with bad health and obvious traumatic stress. Out of my journey to bond and help his development, came a unique perspective on the incredible benefits of one-on-one play.

My labour of love covered many (and I do mean MANY) and varied products and websites and suddenly I had a passion to share all of my finds on one site with other parents through what became Lime Tree Kids. My son has come so far I just want to share with anyone who will listen the benefits of play therapy (one on one play) laughing , good self esteem etc in our children. Products don’t need to be boring to be educational either !!

3.What is the most satisfying part of what you do?
When I find a product that really reaches the market and helps everyday parents , parent easier. Things like our Glass Baby Bottles were we received such a great response as parents are becoming aware of the harmful chemicals that are in plastics now.. Simple things like finding fun and funky items to enhance social and emotional development of children and also seeing my husband and son be so proud of my business are all extremely satisfying !!!

4.What was the most rewarding thing that has happened in your career so far?
I think the most rewarding part has been when people have emailed me to say they admire my site and what we do. Also to see such an amazing response to our products.. I get all warm and fuzzy inside and take my business and what people think about our products and service very personally! LOL !

5.Can you tell us your favourite handmade item you have brought recently?
I am so new to this world and I am AMAZED at how clever some mummies are, I mean REALLY clever. I am obsessed with all things handmade now! Especially as we have a girl coming!! Recently I have ordered a Cuckoo for Coco doll to be made for my little girl. I am SO excited to be getting it next month!!

6.What would be your best 3 tips for someone thinking of styling their own dessert table?
Think Vintage, Think fun and think YUMMY!!! Sorry I never really look past those 3 things and Im not terribly good at decorating (although I follow and admire people who are /do)

7.If you could style a party for a “well known/A list” celebrity, who would you choose and why?
I’d certainly style one for Kate Middleton oops I mean Princess Kate? I am slightly obsessed with her after that wedding fever !!

8.Name your three favourite party themes and tell us what do you love about them?
I Love Superheros for boys birthday, because its an old idea that has lasted the test of time in a little boys heart ! Nothing better then watching little guys running around “flying and leaping “and beating the bad guys. Plus the opportunities are endless to make it as original or fun as you wish .
Baby showers are TO DIE FOR in my book !! I will NEVER say o to attending baby shower! I love all the endless games and decorations and prints and colours and gifts and .. Need I say more ?

Lastly I love a WEDDING Party, a casual beach wedding party is one of the most romantic things to ever attend if done well ! I love the natural feel , the love in the air , the laughter and chit chat, the old fashioned ideas versus the new ideas .. and then all the personal touches showing us who and what the couple find or value important.

9. Do you have a favourite trend? {it could be related to anything}
I think I tend to go with a blend of Whimsical / vintage at the moment ! I love everything old that has a story behind it (even if we don’t know it) and all things whimsical make my heart sing !!

10.What is your day-to-day like?
Um Im a mum of a HIGHLY spirited 4 year old boy , I run 2 businesses so I’d say : Crazy , Manic, busy , sweet , funny , slightly insane and then just plain fun !

11.What does the future hold for {Lime Tree Kids}?
We are expanding quite rapidly at the moment and have begun looking at some items that aren’t saturated in the market place such as French wooden kitchens, Danish design items and sourcing new exciting products. We are still finding our niche but its certainly been fun so far !

12.What is your favourite place in the world?
My favourite place in the world right this very second is Taiwan. Im itching to go pick up our new daughter whom we are adopting and bring her home so our family will be complete. After that my favourite place is always at home with my family on a beautiful Gold Coast sunny day ;-)


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