Monday, 13 December 2010

tape it pretty...

All I have to say is, put together 2 of my obsessions... Ribbon + Tape = Japanese Washi Deco Tape!

I love when you can use very simple items to perk up a gift or decorative piece. One item in particular that I can’t get enough of is Japanese Washi Tape! The little gems are adorned with some of the prettiest colors, patterns, and typography which can add a lot of character to something very simple. There are tons of ideas swimming in my mind of how i can use this amazing deco tapes. Here are a few ideas that I love and have collected from around the web. I am also so excited to announce that these super cute tapes are coming to My Little Jedi. Stay tuned for colours and patterns available! I just love them and cant get enough of them! xx

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