Monday, 6 December 2010

{damask lust} printables

Since my husband won't support my addiction to damask, I'm trying to think of other ways to satisfy my urge. {oooohhhhh toile!}

And that is how our latest {Damask Lust} collection of party printables was born. Damask infuses a hint of elegance where ever it emerges. I just love the versatility of this {damask} collection, its elegant, timeless and can be used for everything from a baby and bridal shower, birthday, christening or sophisticated dinner party celebration.

The collection comes in two colour palettes, divine salmon/mint and delicious turquoise/lemonade. What a wonderful opportunity to show off your new arrival! A classic damask design with a modern colour palette lets you announce your next party with style.

This collection is available for purchase now, if you are interested please send me an email on: xx

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  1. Oh ... you have done it again...loooooove love and love, both colour palettes are divine...well done xx

  2. Oooh Vesna, seriously it's ridiculous just how clever some of you fellow bloggers are! I especially love the salmon one. You soooo need to get a website:) Jane:)


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