Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Christmas List

I have been tagged by the lovely Tanya from Life's Little Celebrations to share my 5 Christmas wish list items! Well, I actually have 6 items as my birthday falls 10 days before Christmas so lets hope that my hubby starts reading my blog…wink wink!

1. Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick
2. Oswald Haerdtl crystal candy dish
3. Akonong pompom necklace 
4. Table Tonic Moroccan leather pouffe 
5. Siren Wedges
6. Mor Belladonna candle

Between all these lovely goodies there is one more thing that hubby is about to book - our tickets to Europe! Cant wait! x

Now i pass this onto to:

Niki of Candy Soirees
Sharnel Dollar of Sharnel Dollar Designs
Linda of Harper Event Design
Thetis of Little Sooti
Bec of Ruby Ruby Designs

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  1. I love them have great taste miss vesna xx

  2. ohhhh I want all of those lovely things too. How hard to limit my list of wants to 5! Thinking hat on!

  3. A very beautiful selection of gifts on your wish list!


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