Friday, 7 October 2011

A day in the life of...{me}

Today i would love to share an article i wrote for one of my fabourite blogs of all time {The Style Net}. The topic of the article was "a day in the life..." so i decided to write about my son's 2nd birthday party! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read. xx

Oh happy day…

It’s 3am and the house is peaceful and not to mention full of props, candy and balloons ready for Aniken’s 2nd birthday party. I am not even tired and my brain refuses to shut down. I think to myself I might as well stay up and continue with the set up. I slowly open Aniken's bedroom door to check on him and make sure he is still covered as he loves to kick the blanket away. His angelic face truly melts my heart, miraculously he is still covered so I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and I am off to the kitchen. The preparation for the party is already underway.

It's 5am and i am in a desperate need of a strong coffee! I finally sit down on my rocking chair, with a cup of coffee in hand, planning the day ahead. I am sipping my coffee and looking at the giant pile of candy sitting on my dining table. (Temptation, temptation)! The candy jars, cake stands and props are all lined up in the kitchen ready to go. I am using the re-vamped shabby chic buffet (which I sanded, painted and adorned) to display all the delicious candy and sweets. The buffet is ready to go and it’s looking exactly how I imaged it.

Its 6.30am and my little man is already up, I can hear him calling out “mama” from the bedroom! I am standing in front of his cot and he is reaching out to give me a hug. Oh, his face is so warm and cuddly, he has wrapped his hands around my neck, legs around my waist…the best feeling in the world! Hubby has started preparing the breakfast while Aniken is laying on the couch watching “peppa pig” on the ipad. {Aniken is totally obsessed with this show}. And me, well I continue with the set of the backdrop and photo booth. The kids will have so much fun with all these props and I can’t wait to see the look on Aniken’s face.

Its 7.30am and breakfast is served, it smells as good as it looks. Eggs benedict on a sourdough toast (totally scrumptious)! I have to flush this down with my daily dose of peppermint infusion which keeps me going until the next meal.

Its 8.30 am and the delicious macaroons have been dropped off. I have to admit Catherine has done an amazing job. Half an hour later Dewi has arrived as well and delivered Aniken’s scrumptious rosette birthday cake, cakes in jars and cupcakes! All I can say is wow, the candy buffet is finally complete and it looks totally splendid. It’s time for me to snap some shots for my online magazine and blog. I will never forget Aniken’s face when he saw the candy bar for the very first time, it was literary like winning the “Golden Ticket”. The colour palette of chocolate, turquoise and mustard tied in perfectly with the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” theme. Candy overload is all I can say.

It’s 11 am and the party is all set up, Aniken is having a nap and it’s time for me to sit down and enjoy a glass of bubby with my mum and unwind. The weather is not looking too bad, little overcast but at least it’s not raining. While waiting for the guests to arrive hubby and I are having a photo booth session with all the props. (so much fun!)

Before I realize the backyard is full! The kids have kicked their shoes off and are already bouncing away on the jumping castle. Aniken is awake and the first thing he spotted was the giant cake shaped jumping castle and he is ready to join the fun. After loads of fun and a lovely lunch, it is time to cut the cake. Aniken has enjoyed blowing the candles several times and finally we get to taste the mouth-watering pistachio butter cake with vanilla bean swiss meringue filling. (One of the best tasting cakes I have ever had).

The party is coming to an end and the kids have had an amazing day filled with lots of fun. Little Aniken is looking very tired and he is ready for a relaxing bath and bed time. Hubby has already cleaned all the mess in and outside the house while I am sitting on the couch absolutely exhausted downloading the images of Aniken’s party which will be featured in my online magazine and Amy Atlas’ (the queen of dessert tables) blog.

I must say the last few months have been super busy but extremely fun as I have turned my dream into a reality. Tomorrow is a huge day for me and MLJ, the launch of my very first issue of My Little Jedi online magazine. All the hard work and sleepless nights have finally paid off. I am happy with the layout of the magazine and I can’t wait to share it with my readers. Its 11.30pm and I can’t keep my eyes open, I can finally go to bed and have a good night sleep.

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  1. love love love your online mag vesna......looks so beautiful
    and i loved reading about your little mans 2nd birthday
    smooch lisa xx


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