Sunday, 24 July 2011

Love affair with {Imperial Trellis}

From one obsession to next, I seriously have a crush on {Imperial Trellis} design. It just looks so chic and it adds touches of royal everywhere it emerges! Kelly Wearstler is one of my favorite designers and I will admit her eye for style and design is impeccable. Last month i bought two amazing imperial trellis cushions from etsy and i absolutely love them!

Due to the love and passion for this trend, i have designed “imperial trellis” inspired party printables. I just love the versatility of this design; it can work for all different types of events from birthdays, baby showers, christening, bridal showers and weddings.

Here is our latest collection of party printables. I hope you love and admire this trend as much as we do. Enjoy xx

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  1. Quite agree, I love it too.....very elegant x

  2. Oh gosh! I love the lampshade.. i really like it.


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