Thursday, 3 February 2011

live what you love...

Someone once told me that the days flow through our lives like water through our hands. Four years ago, we joined our two hearts into one life with the vows of marriage. From the beginning of our relationship, we have experienced the blur love in fast forward. From our first meeting just over 9 years ago and continuing to this day, life and love have moved fast.

When we said our I-dos, we entered a vow that for whatever life brought our way that we would always meet back at that place in our hearts where we fell in love. The honeymoon stage lasts about as long a wink and a smile. Life is filled with laughter and every now and again, tears of all kinds. This is marriage.

My favourite quote is “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE” and I stick by it. So this blog post is dedicated to you my darling husband, friend and soul mate. I love you with all my heart! xx

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  1. just beautiful Vesna. Happy anniversary to you both, have a wonderful evening tonight and may you continue on your beautiful love filled journey together xo

  2. Vesna that is beautiful and actually really insipring! You are such a romantic soul, u can tell by the passion you have for things and your husband is a very lucky littly human!! Happy Anniversary lovliness, i hope your journey continues to be as happy as it possibly can be :)

  3. i love the way you worded how you feel and what it means to you.....congratulations, also your photos look fantastic big smooch lisa xx


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