Thursday, 15 July 2010

oh, hello friend! you are loved

I have to admit I am addicted to blogging and I get so excited when I come across an incredible & inspirational blog. I am currently following around 139 blogs {eeeek, no wonder I spend so many hours reading thru all the lovely posts}. Today i would love to share with my readers one of my favourite blogs {“Oh, hello friend” ~ you are loved}.
There is something about Danni from {Oh, Hello Friend}, I love her designs, style of writing & passion for what she does. I really love her profile description, so honest & unique! I quote: “ i like to design. i like the rain. i like traveling. i like eating white chocolate. i like spending time with Nicholas. i like peppermint lip balm. i like the color green.”

{images by oh, hello friend}
Oh, hello friend blog is a pure haven of inspiration and loveliness. Today I have handpicked few of Danni’s ‘etsy finds’ which I believe are absolutely divine! I have been following this blog for quite sometime & I am completely fascinated for choice when looking through her images, gorgeous designs & I love that we share a similar passion for packaging & doilies. I must admit that “Oh, hello friend” blog has awakened my hidden creative side and brought it to life (no wonder she has 3454 followers).
If you haven’t already, you have to check out Danni’s etsy store, its full of stunning antique jewelery.
Make yourself a cup of tea and spend few minutes reading {oh, hello friend} blog, you will love it, I promise! xx

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  1. Oooh this is one of my fave blogs as well! It's dangerous to go one there, I intend to look for 5 minutes and then suddenly an hour has gone by haha.

    Loving your blog's new look btw, it's so classy!

  2. Yes! I love Danni's blog too!!! It's pure LOVELINESS!!!
    And so is yours :)
    Claire xo.

  3. Thanks Jaclyn, you are so sweet. I totally agree, you can spend hours on this blog. Love reading all the posts. xx :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Clare! Im hooked on this blog and cant get enough :) xx

  5. Will pop on over and check out this blog...sounds great!

  6. You have to Marianne, its a lovely blog x

  7. Love that blog! So many beautiful creations!

  8. I love this blog too. she has so many gorgeous ideas. And the colours she chooses!! I actually loved her idea she had for a bridesmaid present, and used it myself as im getting married next year.
    Your blog is fantastic too. I would like to grab a cuppa and take more time to read through yours.
    Clare x

  9. Thanks for stopping by Clare and for your lovely comments. I
    love Dannis blog, just gorgeous! I'll definitely check out your blog as well xx :)

  10. just got a cuppa and Im on my way!! (but I will be back cause those clover necklaces are adorable!!
    hugs for you

  11. Thanks Carolyn, enjoy reading the blog and pop back to my little jedi ;)


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