Monday, 26 July 2010

ABC paper cups

I can't help but love these sweet & colourful abc paper cups. Such a simple concept but cute and smart because it lets you decide what words you want to create. Take a brake from the boring design of regular paper cups & use these super cute cups for your next children’s party, picnic, or use them at work. Fill them with cold or hot drinks, or maybe with ice cream on the porch. Perfect also on a mingle party, in order to remember which cup is your own. Packed in a very sleek and stylish gift box - a popular "go away gift".

Fun idea for a party: Challenge your kids to build funny words with the cups or fill them with candy and go on a letter hunt. Use your own creativity!
Each pack contains 30 paper cups with all the letters in the alphabet (A-Z) and 2 hearts (and some extra letters A and E tom make it easy to build words) all made from recycled paper. There is also a promotion clip which includes the design of ‘ABC Paper Cup’ as well as fun suggestions on how to use ABC Paper Cups.

Thease colourful creative abc paper cups are not available at My little jedi ~ for orders please
send me an email on . These abc cups will also be available on my etsy store very soon. xx

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  1. very creative and looks like a lot of FUN the idea thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Thanks My Little Jedi can't wait to use these for my son's 4th birthday party .... have something special planned for these...for his candy buffet xx

  3. Thanks lovelies, these will be great for Lukes party xx

  4. What an awesome idea, love them!


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