Saturday, 10 November 2012

One Lovely Day Online Magazine

Welcome to the first issue of One Lovely Day. As most of you would know that I made the announcement regarding the branding transition from My Little Jedi to One Lovely Day and I would like to introduce you to the very first issue of One Lovely Day which going forward will be all about weddings, engagements and bridal showers. Although I still have a soft spot for My Little Jedi (as the business name was inspired by my son Aniken) the name doesn’t reflect what I do so having a new name I believe it will breathe new life into my business. I would like to thank the fabulous Tabitha who designed our new look which I absolutely love. Most of all I would love to thank you all for your continuous support and I hope you love the new name. ‘

I would like to close off this wonderful year with this “Festive” issue and i would also like to thank the fabulous contributors for the most amazing styled events and I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you. Be prepared for an absolute fiesta of gorgeousness and beauty. Thank you once again for your support and have blissful Christmas and New Year. xx

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  1. Lovely events. Lovely magazine.
    Do you need a writer?


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